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BE Degree in Chemical Engineering

Title Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering
Course Type Under Graduate
Duration 8 semesters | Four Years
Department Chemical Engineering
Affiliation VTU
Approvals AICTE, Govt of Karnataka
Accreditation(s) NBA (2003-08, 2008-2013, 2013 - 16, 2016 - 19, 2019 - 2022 )


About the course

Chemical plant processes are modularized into unit operations, with each unit governed by fundamental laws and empirical models at the foci of independent fields of study. Bachelors courses such as transfer operations, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, process control, and process design help to develop a modularized understanding of these independent fields, with the expectation that the whole process is the sum of these individual parts.

As process scales have changed to reduce environmental impact as well as use of non-renewable resources, good understanding of the interrelationships of these independent fields is required, which can be developed in amalgamated courses offered as local electives.

Further exposure to interdisciplinary studies as required for orientation towards evolving research and development is encouraged in the form of global electives (Group H), with our Department offering “Industrial Safety & Risk Management” to students of other programs.


# Program 2016 Scheme
Syllabus Link
2018 Scheme
Syllabus Link
2021 Scheme
Syllabus Link
1 Chemical Engineering - II Year CH CH CH
2 Chemical Engineering - III Year CH CH CH
3 Chemical Engineering - IV Year CH CH CH

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