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Faculty List

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UG - BE- Information Science and Engineering- Faculty Details

Name Designation Area of Specialization E-mail ID
Dr. B.M. Sagar

Professor & HOD

Natural Language Processing, Algorithms


Dr. Nagaraj G Cholli Associate Professor Software Engineering, Software Testing, Data ware Housing & Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Web Technologies, Cloud Computing
S. G. Raghavendra Prasad Assistant Professor Discrete Mathematics, Graph theory, Automata theory, Applied Mathematics, Multicore Programming, Computer System Performance Analysis, Fault Tolerance

Dr. Kavitha S.N. Assistant Professor Image Processing, Neural Networks

Rekha B.S. Assistant Professor Image Processing and Neural Networks

Swetha S Assistant Professor Data Mining

B K Srinivas Assistant Professor

Cloud Computing, Natural Language Processing

Sharadadevi S Kaganurmath Assistant Professor

Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. Vanishree K Assistant Professor

Wireless Sensor networks, Data Analytics

Sushmitha N Assistant Professor

Brain Computer Interface, Operating Systems, Computer Networks

Merin Meleet Assistant Professor

Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning


M.Tech - Software Engineering - Faculty Details

Name Designation

 Area of Specialization

Email - ID

Dr. G S Mamatha

Professor & Associate Dean (PG Studies)

Adhoc Networks, Network Security, IOT, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering

Dr. Ashwini K.B Associate Professor Wireless Sensor Networks
Rashmi R. Assistant Professor


Software Engineering


M.Tech - Information Technology - Faculty Details

Name Designation Area of Specialization

 Email - ID

Dr. Anala M R Professor Networks, Parallel Computing  
Dr. Padmashree T Associate Professor

Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things

Poornima Kulkarni Assistant Professor Big Data Analytics, Software Engineering

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