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Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives

The Department of Biotechnology is as a research Center is recognized by VTU in 2008. The department started offering Ph.D and M.Sc (Engg. by research) programmes since then.In 2006 department of biotechnology was recognized as a research center by Mangalore University (2006) and Tumkur University (2010) through RV-CMRTU and Kuvempu University (2007) through RV CCT.

Research Infrastructure Details:

Animal Cell culture:Clean room, CO2 incubator, Inverted microscope, Vertical Laminar Air flow, Fluorescent Microscope, Deep freezer (-86 deg C).

Plant Biotechnology: Plant growth room, Horizontal Air flow, Climate controlled Green House, Deep Freezer (-20 deg C), Double distillation unit, Temperature controlled orbital shaker, Soxhlet apparatus.

Instrumentation/Analytical Equipments - High performance liquid chromatography, Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography, Microwave digester, Rotary evaporator, Lyophilizer, UV vis Spectrophotometer.

Genetic engineering and Molecular biology:Bioanalyzer, Thermal cycler (PCR), Gel Documentation, UV transilluminator, High speed refrigerated centrifuge, Autoclaves, Ultra pure water system.

Downstream and recovery of products:100 lts fermenter, Pressure process analyzer, Temperature process analyzer, Flow process analyzer, vacuum tray dryer, Tangential flow filtration unit, Dead end filtration unit.

Computational Biology: The department has well organised Computational biology laboratory with adequate number of computer systems. Department has also having access to the GPU based High Performance Computing infrastructure for the Big data anytics used for High Throughput Virtual Screening, Next Genration Sequencing(NGS) data analysis, Computational Genomics and Proteomics. The computer lab in the department is also used for programming courses and reserach projects. Since many of the software used for Computational Biology are available as web interfaces, but still many of the software are available as standalone tools, hence department is having Schrondinger software, which is mainly used in Compuatational  Genmics and Proteomics rsearch.

Specialized Research areas in the Department

  • Process Engineering and automation.

  • Renewable Energy.

  • Functional & Smart materials and Composites.

  • Computational Genomics and Proteomics.

Domain areas in which Training & consultancy offered:-

  • Next Generation Sequencing Analysis

  • Green Systems for Sustainable Environment in Focus with Zero discharge of Water Industrial Process Automation Technologies under

  • Upstream and downstream processing

  • Nanotechnology

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