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Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives

The Department of Biotechnology is as a research Center is recognized by VTU in 2008. The department started offering Ph.D and M.Sc (Engg. by research) programmes since then.In 2006 department of biotechnology was recognized as a research center by Mangalore University (2006) and Tumkur University (2010) through RV-CMRTU and Kuvempu University (2007) through RV CCT.

Research Infrastructure Details:

Animal Cell culture:Clean room, CO2 incubator, Inverted microscope, Vertical Laminar Air flow, Fluorescent Microscope, Deep freezer (-86 deg C).

Plant Biotechnology: Plant growth room, Horizontal Air flow, Climate controlled Green House, Deep Freezer (-20 deg C), Double distillation unit, Temperature controlled orbital shaker, Soxhlet apparatus.

Instrumentation/Analytical Equipments - High performance liquid chromatography, Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography, Microwave digester, Rotary evaporator, Lyophilizer, UV vis Spectrophotometer.

Genetic engineering and Molecular biology:Bioanalyzer, Thermal cycler (PCR), Gel Documentation, UV transilluminator, High speed refrigerated centrifuge, Autoclaves, Ultra pure water system.

Downstream and recovery of products:100 lts fermenter, Pressure process analyzer, Temperature process analyzer, Flow process analyzer, vacuum tray dryer, Tangential flow filtration unit, Dead end filtration unit.

Bioinformatics: computer systems, GCG Wisconsin &Schrondingersoftware , Computer systems

Specialized Research areas in the Department

  • Process Engineering and automation

  • OMICS-Redesigning genes and proteins

  • Functional & Smart materials and Composites

  • Computational biology

Domain areas in which Training & consultancy offered:-

  • Next Generation Sequencing Analysis

  • Green Systems for Sustainable Environment in Focus with Zero discharge of Water Industrial Process Automation Technologies under

  • Upstream and downstream processing

  • Nanotechnology

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