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Designation Area of Specialization Email Address
BE in Industrial Engineering & Management
Dr. C K Nagendra Gupta Associate Professor & Head Reverse Supply Chain Management
 Dr. K N Subramanya Principal & Professor Supply Chain Mgmt. & Human Resource Mgmt.
 Dr. N S Narahari  Professor System Dynamics in HR &  Reliability Engg.
 Dr. Rajeswara Rao K V S  Associate Professor Manufacturing Mgmt. & Human Resource Mgmt.
 Dr. Vijayakumar M N  Associate Professor  Quality Management
 Dr. Ramaa A  Associate Professor  Supply Chain Management
Dr. Shobha N S Assistant Professor Production Engg. & System Technology
Dr. Vivekanand S Gogi  Assistant Professor  Production Technology
Dr. Vikram N Bahadurdesai  Assistant Professor  Production Management
Dr. Chitra B T  Assistant Professor  Constitutional Law
Prof. Shruthi M N  Assistant Professor  Tool Engneering
Prof. Nandini B  Assistant Professor Engineering Management
Prof. Bhaskar M G   Assistant Professor  Tool Engneering

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