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Prof. Bhaskar M G

Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification

M.Tech., Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum, 2012


Industry: 1 Year
Teaching: 9 Year

Area/s of Interest Management and Entrepreneurship , Organizational Behavior & Operations Management.
Email ID

National and International Conference Publications:05

National and International Journal Publications:06


International Conference Publications:

  • Samyukta R, Nishchitha M, Vivekanand S Gogi, Bhaskar M G presented a paper on “Bus Transportation using Face Recognition System” at International Conference on Trends in Industrial & Value Engineering Business & Social Innovation, ICIVBS -2018, organised by Dayanda Sagar College of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, on 2nd to 4th April 2018.

  • Dr. C K Nagendra Guptha, Bhaskar M G, Meghasree V presented a paper on “Design of IoT Architecture for order picking in a typical warehouse”, in the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computational Systems and Information Technology for Sustainable Solutions (CSITSS – 2018) technically Co-sponsored by IEEE, organized at R V College of Engineering, Bangalore during 20th - 22nd December 2018.

  • Prof. M N Shruthi, Dr. N S Narahari, Prof. Bhaskar M G, Mrs. Savita C Teli presented a paper on “Understanding material chemistry of mobile handset for recycling feasibility analysis” at First International Conference on Technologies for Smart Green Connected Society 2021 on 29th and 30th Nov 2021

  • Akshit Bhalla and Prof Bhaskar M G, Published and presented a paper on "Review of Chatbots in Industry 4.0" at the "National conference on IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and its applications (NCRIMA 2020)" on 18-19 June 2020, Volume-1 NCRIMA 2020. EC SIRT Bhopal, P 55-63.

  • Prof Bhaskar MG, Dr Vikram N B, Dr Ramaa A, Dr Vijaya Kumar M N, Dr N S Narahari presented a paper on “Experiential Learning Model for Gen Z Student’s Engagement in Engineering Education: A Case Study”, in the proceedings of 1st AICTE sponsored two days national conference on “Critical thinking for Gen Z - Multidisciplinary Approach (CTGZMA -2021)” in association with Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi, organized at R V College of Engineering, Bangalore during 28th -29thOctober 2021. (Awarded Best paper in the category “Critical thinking in Education”)

  • Shyamala babu.C.S, Harshitha.M, Kishore.K, Shivaani.N and Prof. Bhaskar.M.G presented a paper on “Critical thinking to augment waste management-Design thinking approach”, in the proceedings of 1st AICTE sponsored two days national conference on “Critical thinking for Gen Z - Multidisciplinary Approach (CTGZMA -2021)” in association with Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi, organized at R V College of Engineering, Bangalore during 28th -29thOctober 2021. (Awarded Best paper in the category “Critical thinking in Technology”)

International Journal Publications:


  2. Adarsh Agrawal, Gunjan Javaria, Kaustav Kishor, Prof. Bhaskar MGpublished a paper on “Handling Solid Waste using Design Thinking Principle in Bengaluru” at International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp. 122-126, ISSN No:2456-2165, April – 2019.

  3. Alamela Nath , Mohit Jain, Sudeekshitha G and Prof. Bhaskar MG published a paper on “Loan Origination Automation for High Risk and High-Volume Loan” at International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (IJRASET), Volume 8, Issue V, May-2020.

  4. Prof.Bhaskar.M.G, Dr Narahari.N.S and Dr.C.K.Nagendra Guptha published a paper on “Consumer preferences on Mid-segment Electric cars- An Indian Perspective” at International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT) Volume 9, Issue 7, July-2020.

  5. Jeevitha.D, Akanksha, Chirag Cariappa, Yuvraj singh and Prof Bhaskar M G published a paper on “Conceptual Framework to Reduce Inventory Waste of Low Shelf-Life Medicines” at International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT) Volume 10, Issue 09, September-2021.

Workshop / Seminar Conference Organised

  1. Conducted “Skill and Personality Development (SPDP)” Centre for SC/ST students under approved grant in aid AICTE project on 3rd May 2019.

Expert Lecture delivered

  1. Invited to deliver a hands-on training on “Blended learning” for basic pedagogy course held between 4th -9th July -2016.

  2. Delivered an informative session on Gartner research database on 9th Feb 2017 for faculty and PG students

  3. Delivered talk on “Opportunities in IEM” at RV PU College, Jayanagar on 22nd November 2018 for the promotion of IEM Discipline.

  4. Delivered talk on “Opportunities in IEM” at SSMRV College, Jayanagar on 16th December 2018 for the promotion of IEM Discipline.

  5. Delivered a session on “ICT enabled teaching” at IEM-RVCE on 9th Feb 2019.

  6. Invited to deliver an online session on “Awareness among students on all aspects of swacchatha- Personal, mental and physical” as part of swacchatha pakhwada at Cambridge Institute of Technology on 3rd September at 2PM.

  7. Delivered an Hands-on training on Power BI and a session on importance of data visualization in Smart Visualization on 28-02-2024.

Workshop / Seminar Conference Attended

  1. Attended One day workshop on “World class Manufacturing” on Nov-4th -2015 organized by JSSATE, Bengaluru.

  2. Attended the faculty enabled program conducted by Dassault systems and 3DPLM software solutions during 27th - 28th November 2014

  3. Attended the FDP on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, conducted by MSRIT, under TEQIP II initiative during 3rd to 5th June 2015

  4. Attended One day workshop on “Communication Skills” organized by Placement dept.-RVCE on Mar-11th -2016

  5. Attended One day workshop on “Palisade” on 19th April 2016 at Grand Hyatt, Bengaluru.

  6. Attended 10 day GIAN program on “Designing and developing flipped classroom, e-learning instructions for Engineering and science education” during 9th -18th May 2016, Organized by NIT Warangal, Telangana.

  7. Attended 4Day Hands on training on Project management organized by ESCI, during 14th to 17th June-2016 at Lonavala, Maharashtra.

  8. Attended Seminar on Skilling tomorrow’s Engineers with advanced Development Capabilities during 27th AUG-2016 organized by SIEMENS TECHNOLOGIES at Shangri La hotel, Palace Road, Bengaluru

  9. Attended ICT Enabled Workshop – Technical Teacher’s Role, self-esteem, motivation and Professionalism development during 28th Nov. - 02 Dec 2016 organised by TEQIP

  10. Attended three days workshop on “Solar Photovoltaics –Fundamentals Techniques and Applications” at Biotech Seminar Hall during 21-23 February 2017 under TEQIP II

  11. Attended 2 Day workshop on “Human Values in Management Education” at RVIM, Bengaluru on 21st March 2017.

  12. Attended two days workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) organized by Dept. of IEM in association with Djuris during 24th & 25th July, 2017

  13. Attended two days National Conference on Sustainable Development Indian Perspective organized by PES University, during 16 – 17 March 2018.

  14. Attended “Design thinking seminar” organized by IET on 20th December- 2018.

  15. Attended pedagogy talk on “How the teacher in you can make our country proud” at R V College of Engineering on 25th January 2019.

  16. Attended 2day workshop on “Global trends on project management” organised by “IDEA, IQAC” during 11th and 12th Feb-2019.

  17. Attended lecture on “Online Education” by Dr. Zvi Galil, Dean – Computing, Georgia Technological University at ISE dept. on 8th May 2019.

  18. Attended 2day workshop on “MATLAB” organised by “TCE-RVCE” during 8th and 9TH July-2019

  19. Attended 2 day workshop on “Design thinking” organised by “RVCE in association with FHWS Germany” during 8th and 31st Sept and 1St Oct-2019

  20. Attended Online workshop on "Design Thinking for Next Industrial Revolution- Industry 4.0" on 22-June-2020 between 10:30AM to 12:30PM- organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering & Automobile Engineering in association with Mechzeal & AFCA student's association Arasu Engineering college, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India.

  21. Attended "Faculty Development Program On Electric Vehicles: New Trends and Technologies” 22nd to 26th June 2020 between 4:00 PM to 5:30PM.

  22. Attended five days FDP on “Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education” organized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) between 17 May, 2021 to 21 May, 2021 (Online).

  23. Attended AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on "Achieving Operational Excellence by Digital Transformation of Supply Chain" from 2021-06-21 to 2021-06-25 at RV College of Engineering.

  24. Attended AICTE sponsored workshop on “Design Thinking to augment 21st century skills” held at RV College of Engineering during 7-12-2021 to 12-12-2021.

  25. Attended One week AR/VR workshop - Level 2 at MCA- from Jan 8th to Jan 12th, 2024

NPTEL course certification:

1.      Prof. Bhaskar MG successfully completed a 2 weeks course on “Digital Transformation on Teaching Learning Process” organised by NPIU, and conducted by IIT Bombay on SWAYAM.

Coursera certification:

1.      Prof.Bhaskar.M.G successfully completed a course on “Programming for everybody (Getting started with python)” offered by University of Michigan during July 2021.