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FOOTPRINTS (The dance club)

Footprints is a cultural dance organization from RVCE. It is a community of dancers with versatile dance culture and background. Our motto is to ‘express through movement’. We are a family first, later a team. Everyone here has a different personality with a common love for dancing which links us all together. We work hard not only to excel as a group but also to individually enjoy the whole experience of the art of expression , that is Dance .The team mainly comprises of 3 divisions : The Western association : Enigma, The Eastern association : Dhritarang, The Classical association. The Western and Eastern associations compete in competitions on national and inter collegiate level. We started competing in the year 2012. The Classical team performs in various events at college. Apart from this the whole team is responsible for organizing events at college level such as the flashmobs, and also indulges in performing at various events in the college. Achievements include IBS, IIT-M, IISC, PESU, ICAT. Flare – This is a flagship event conducted during 8th Mile. It is a national dance battle organized by footprints and is open to everyone from all over the country. The event witnesses a footfall of thousands of spectators from all over. The categories of this battle are subjective but mainly comprise of – 1 vs 1 Hip-Hop, 2 vs 2 All Styles, Crew vs Crew All Style

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Instagram - footprints.rvce

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Student Co-ordinators –

Gautham Mayur N

Ph - 9731105841

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