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CARV - Kannada (The dramatics club)

Kannada Carv is a platform for theatre lovers to explore themselves and their art forms!

We perform Kannada dramas, plays, mad-ads, street plays and mime to entertain people as well as to compete in various inter-college fests. We have participated in the national level event, Coliseum and were at the receiving end of many accolades. We have also participated in various college fests such as, BMC, MVIT, the prestigious VTU and have bagged several awards. Our goal is to promote the rich tradition and culture of Kannada through our works. We also host 3 flagship events under the name , Silent story-Mime event, Mad attack-Mad Ads event, Seriously funny-Standup event

Social media handles:

Facebook: @kannadacarv

Instagram: @carvkannada

Youtube: Kannada Carv

Student Coordinator/Club Head details:

Shamanth S Bhat

Contact : 9019176079

Email :

Chinmay M Raju(Club Operations)

Contact : 9900544395

Email :

Aisiri M R(Club Operations)

Contact : 8050385929

Email :