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CARV Access

CARV Access

Carv Access is the film-making club of RVCE. What started out as the passion and interest of three people has now culminated into a closely-knit club of over fifty members. ‘Access’ is an acronym designed for crucial element of film making. A for Art and Production Design; C for Cinematography; C for Costume and Make-up; E for Editing; S for Script-writing and S for Sound Design and Music. The team has extensively taken part in various film-making contests namely, an international film making contest-India Film Project; Various film-making events held by reputed colleges such as IITs, NITs, HR college of Arts, Christ University to name a few. As a part of 8th mile, the club organized film making competition ‘CQUENCE’18’, ‘CQUENCE’20’and an Independent event ‘CQUENCE’19’ to which club received a resounding response and state award winning directors of Kannada film Fraternity were present as judges for the events. The events were the result of the enthusiasm and hard work of the members of Carv Access, it has also helped the members gain a new exposure in this field and has provided them with knowledge about the competitive world of film making.

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Pranav Hariharan