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AALAP (The music club)

Alaap is the music club of RVCE. We have about 60 musicians who are well versed with different genres. We play quite a few genres like Carnatic classical, Hindustani classical, western classical, jazz, pop, rock and some metal. Project Mishram who are a pretty famous band right now, started in Alaap. We have a room allocated to us in the college where we practice and jam whenever we are free. We host events like Battle of Bands(Flagship event) and Voice of 8th mile(eastern and western) and Tarang(Instrumental competition in eastern and western). We have made our achievements at NIT Trichy, IIT Madras, and IIMB.

Social media handles : 

Instagram : alaap_rvce 

Facebook : alaap_rvce 

Youtube : Alaap RVCE 

Student Coordinator : 

Sameera J Sharma