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Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST), the institution's management is considerate in giving seats for sportsperson who have represented India and state at junior and senior level.


Students those who represent the College, V.T.U Teams in different sports & games will get special recognition during the campus recruitment.

Sportswear: All the students representing the college in various sports & games are given the suitable sportswear (co-ordinates and track suits).

Attendance: The players representing the college team in Invitational & V.T.U Inter Collegiate games will be given attendance for the days missed for the tournament.

Extra Internal: There will be an additional internal given to the students; in case they miss the regular internals due to V.T.U inter collegiate tournaments or any prestigious invitational tournament

Credits: Extra 2 credits to the students in the autonomous scheme, representing college in sports and this would be entered in the 4th & 8th semester marks sheet, is being proposed.


  1. Students of first year, who are selected to represents the VTU team are given blazer. For the second time of representation they are given a cash prize of Rs 2,500.00, in the third year Rs.3000.00 and Fourth year Rs.3500.00 from the university. 

  2. Students who are winning in the Inter university competitions are given a cash award of Rs. 12000.00 for First place, Rs. 10000.00 for obtaining second place. While the Third place and fourth place winners are given Rs.7500.00 and Rs.1000.00 respectively.

  3. RVCE awards Rs 1500.00 for University representation, Rs 2500.00 for State representation & Rs 5000.00 for National and International level. 

  4. RSST also Honors the sports persons for University representation and All-India representations.

  5. Apart from the above, Government of Karnataka is also providing Fee reimbursement for sports students from 2012.

  1. 2012 – Pooja R Alva (86,000)

  2. 2013 – Pooja R Alva (86,000), Gahan M G (56,500), Viani Antonio D (56,500), Yashas D (56,500).

  3. 2014 – Arvind M (56,500), Gahan M G (56,500), Viani Antonio D (56,500), Yashas D (56,500), Saurabh V (56,500).


The institution bears the medical expenses if any sports person is injured while representing the institution.