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Dr. P R Venkatesh


Associate Professor
Educational Qualification

BE, ME, Ph.D

Experience Teaching: 31 years
Area of Interest

Machine Design, Mechanical Vibrations, Acoustics

Date of Joining RVCE


Email ID



Project Guided:

Number of UG projects guided: 24

Number of PG projects guided: 09



National Journals: 01

National Conference: 01

International Journals: 05

International Conferences: 01


List of National Journals publications:

  1. “A review on recent developments in bio-nanocomposites for biomedical applications” Nano Science and Nano Technology, vol 6, issue 1, NSNTAIJ, 6(1), 2012 [9-13]


List of International Journals publications:

  1. P.R.Venkatesh, B.Chandrasekhar, M.M.Benal "Computation of Acoustic Far field scattering cross section from Plain and intersecting thin bodies" CMES, Vol 52, No.1, pp 83-103, 2009.

  2. P.R.Venkatesh, B. Chandrasekhar, M.M.Benal "A New Approach to Model Acoustic Radiation and Scattering from Thin Bodies using Boundary Element Method", International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 6, Number 6 (2011) pp 1261-1277.

  3. P.R.Venkatesh, B. Chandrasekhar, M.M.Benal “Comparative study of face, edge and node based basis functions used in solution of acoustic Scattering problems” ISSN 0974-231X, IJMAE (International Journal of Mechanical & Automobile Engineering) March 2011- May 2011 PP [51-62], Volume 13, Issue No 01.

  4. Naveen L Hugar, P R Venkatesh “Shaker based operating deflection shape (ODS) testing of two wheeler chassis” Volume 1,Issue 6, IJAERD (International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research & Development, June 2014, ISSN: 2348 – 4470 PP1-8

  5. Jagadish, P R Venkatesh “Dynamic analysis and testing of Micro wind turbine” ” ISSN 2348-6406, IJAERD (International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research & Development, June 2014, PP[1-7], Volume 1, Issue 06, June 2014, ISSN: 2348 – 4470 PP1-8


List of International Conference publications:

1. P.R.Venkatesh “Effect of Axial land geometry on the performance of Squeeze film dampers” presented at International conference at IIT Roorkee, Dec 2003.


Interaction with Outside World

  • Delivered 8 sessions of expert lectures for VTU EDUSAT Programme.

  • Member of BOE for RVCE, Dr AIT, BMSCE & NMIT, Bengaluru


Funded Projects

Involved in Power regeneration projects funded by TE connectivity, Bengaluru


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