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Ramakrishna Hegde

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Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification M.Tech.Ph.D
Experience Teaching: 12 years
Area of Interest Composite Materials, Fracture Mechanics

Date of Joining RVCE


Email ID


Project Guided:

Number of UG projects guided: 05

Number of PG projects guided: 02


  1. L. J. Kirthan, A.S.Pradeep, Ramakrishna Hegde " Determination of Stress Intensity factor for cracks subjected to mode II loading in tungsten carbide tools using commercial code" International conference Advances In Materials, Manufacturing, And Management Technologies (AMMMT-2010) SIT, Tumkur, Karnataka.
  2. L. J. Kirthan, A.S.Pradeep, Ramakrishna Hegde "Determination of SIF for mode I crack propagation using ANSYS in Tool Steel (AISI, A2) material" National Conference on 'Research trends in design and manufacturing for sustainability' 2010, Ramakrishna college of engineering, Coimbatore.


Qualified GATE 2000.

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