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Keshav M

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 Assistant Professor                                                              

Educational Qualification

B.E., M.Tech


Teaching: 06 years
R&D :01 year

Area of Interest / Research

CNC programming

Industrial Automation & CAD/CAM

Mechatronics, Energy Management

Date of Joining RVCE



Email ID


Project Guided:

Number of UG projects guided: 08

Number of PG projects guided: 04



National Journals: 01

National Conference: Nil

International Journals: 01

International Conferences: 01


List of National Journals publications:

  1. Keshav M, HD Gopalakrishna, “Development of Design to Manufacture Tubing Methodology in DMU Environment”, Global Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Computational Sciences, Issue 2, December 2011, pp.45-47

List of International Journals publications:

  1. Nataraj GS, Shanmukha Nagaraj, Keshav M, Prakash KR, “Position Characterization of Electro Pneumatic Closed loop Control Valve, ‘International Journal of Research in Engineering & Technology (IJRET), Vol 2, Issue 12, December 2013, pp.616-619

List of International Conference publications:

  1. Jinka Ranganayakulu, Rayudu Pellala, Keshav M, “Application of Soft computing techniques in electro – discharge machining processes – A review, ‘National Conference on Innovation in Mechanical Engineering, MITS, December 2014, pp.418-426.