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Bharatish A

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Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification



Teaching: 08 years
R&D: 05 years

Industry: -

Area of Interest

Laser Machining of ceramics and ceramic coatings, laser surface treatment

Email ID


List of Publications:

National Journals :

International Journals:

  1. Parametric study of pulsed CO2 Laser surface modification of alumina ceramics, A. Bharatish, H. N. Narasimha Murthy, Ajithkumar Radder, V. Mamatha, B. Anand, B. S. Satyanarayana, Journal of Manufacturing science and production, DOI: 10.1515/jmsp-2014-0027,

  2. Evaluation of thermal residual stresses in laser drilled alumina ceramics using Raman spectroscopy and COMSOL multiphysics, Optics and Laser technology, 70, 2015, pp 76-84

  3. Characterisation of Hole circularity and HAZ in pulsed CO2 laser drilling of alumina ceramics, Bharatish.A, H N Narasimha Murthy, Anand B, Praveena G S, Madhusoodana.C.D, M Krishna, Optics and Laser technology (Elsevier), 53, 2013, 22-32

  4. Modal and Static Analysis of Rear Crash Guard Employed in SUV, Pavan Kumar S. , Aravind K. U. Maruthi B H , Bharatish. A, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, 3(5), 2014.

National Conference:

1.Investigation on behaviour of high pressure relief valves used in aircrafts, Sharath Bhargav.R, Bharatish.A, Gnaneshwara.N, Conference on Advances in Design manufacturing and management (ADMM-2014), R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, May – 2014

2. Recycling of e-waste for sustainable product design, Go-Green conference, RVCE, 2009, Bangalore.

3. Head Impact Analysis of Audio unit mounted in a car instrument panel, ANSYS INDIA USER'S CONFERENCE, October 2011.

4. Design of workstation- an ergonomic approach, NCIDM' 2010, NHCE, Bangalore

International Conference:

1.Laser micro drilling of thermal barrier Coatings, Bharatish.A, H N Narasimha Murthy, Anand B, Nagaraj.S, B S Satyanarayana, Sunil R Y, Procedia – Material Science (Elsevier), International Conference on Advanced manufacturing and Materials (ICAMME), Vol 5, 2014, pp 1005-14

2. Transient analysis of thermocouple copper wire in different fluids, Bharatish.A, Ishan Banga, Manasa, TeamTech International Conference 2009, UVCE, Bangalore

3.Design and development of Mechatronic Exoskeleton for disabled people,Bharatish.A, Mohammed Ibrahim, TeamTech International Conference 2009, UVCE, Bangalore

Funded Projects:

  1. Parametric Study of Laser drilling of Ceramics, Vision Group of Science and technology, Govt of Karnataka, Principal investigator, 2012-14.

  2. Laser Drilling of Ceramics, University Grants Commission, New Delhi, Co-Principal Investigator, 2013-16.


  1. SEED MONEY FOR YOUNG SCIENTIST RESEARCH AWARD (SMYSR) from Vision Group of Science and Technology, Govt of Karnataka. 2013

  2. M tech (Product Design and Manufacturing) III rank in VTU, Belgaum

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