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Research Publications - 2017

Papers Published in Internationa Journals - 2017

  1. Kiran Kumar Guduru, Dr. Usha J, “Reliable Session Initiation Protocol (RSIP) signaling with UDP transport using piggybacking method”, International Journal  of Telecommunication Systems, Modelling, Analysis, Design and Management proceedings publised in Springer, November 2017 DOI 10.1007/s11235-017-0406-0, ISSN 1018-4864, Vol 58, Issue 1
  2. Dr. Jasmine K.S, Mr.Ravi Teja, “A new approach for component retrieval from reuse repository using R-tool”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation, Vol-1, Issue-4 , pp.25-29, September 2017
  3. Chandrani Chakravorty, Puneet Krishna S, Vinayak Rudrapuri, Sujit S S, Dr. Usha J, “Blood Donor App: A Small Step to Save the Life”, International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences (IJETMAS), ISSN 2349-4476, Vol 5, Issue 8, pp 1-5
  4. Dr. Ashwini K B and Prof. Prashanth K  "A Framework for Energy Management in Smart City through Internet of Things" International Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences(IJREAS) (UGC Approved) Vol. 7 Issue 8, August-2017, pp. 90~96 ISSN (O): 2249-3905, ISSN(P): 2349-6525 | Impact Factor: 7.196
  5. Dr. Vijayalakshmi MN, Dr. Andhe Dharani, and Mr. Narasimha Swamy S, "Realization of IoT Solution for Smart Agri and ITS using Cloud", International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Technology, ISSN: 2456-7655; Impact Factor: RJIF, 5.54, Vol 1 July 2017, Issue 3, pp 20-23, UGC Approved Journal
  6. Saravanan C and Savita Sheelavant, "An Empirical Study:Data Analytics Fosters Health Care Data Management And Its Outcomes", International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS), Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2017,  ISSN: 2394 - 4404, PP 4-7
  7. Prof. Dipti R Takalkar and  Dr. R Savitha “A Decentralized Low Communication Traffic Alert System using Cloud Messaging ” International Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences(IJREAS) (UGC Approved) Vol. 7 Issue 6 , June-2017, pp. 117~120 ISSN (O): 2249-3905, ISSN(P): 2349-6525

Papers Published in Internationa Conferences - 2017

  1. Usha J, Jayasimha S.R, Srivani S G, “Automata Approach to Reduce Power Consumption in Smart Grid Cloud Data Center”, in Third International Conference on Cognitive Computing and Information Processing” December 15-16, 2017
  2. Ms.Jayshri B Madalgi, Dr S Anupama Kumar, “Congestion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks using MLP and Classification by Regression” 3rd International Conference on " Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology " organized by the Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology , Tumkur, India, 21-23rd December 2017 
  3. Sathyaprakash B P , Jayaprasad M and Manjunath M Presented a paper titled " I-PAR: Improved Petal Ant Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks " in the 2nd IEEE International Conference on " Computational Systems and Information Technology for Sustainable Solutions - CSITSS - 2017 ",  organized by R.V college of Engineering,  ,Bangalore  in association with IEEE, ISSN: 978-15386-2044-1, Page No. 293 - 298, December 2017  
  4. Vyshali J Gogi and Dr. Vijayalakshmi M. N, “A Survey on HCC Scenario and Prediction Strategy using Data Mining Techniques”, IEEE sponsored 2nd International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT 2017), organized by RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore,24th - 25th August 2017, IISBN:978-1-5090-6697-1, pp 59-62
  5. Deepika K and Usha J, “Design & development of location identification using RFID with Wi-Fi positioning systems”, 2017 Ninth International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) from 4th July to 7th July 2017 at Milan, Italy, ISBN: 978-1-5090-4749-9/17/$31.00 ©2017 IEEE, pp 488-493
  6. Sandhya S, Sohini P, Emil J, Akashdeep, “Assessment of Website Security by Penetration Testing Using Wireshark”, International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS -2017) from 06th to 7th 2017 at Coimbatore, India, ISBN: 978-1-5090-4558-7, pp 2043-2046
  7. Shaila Koppad, Dr. S Anupama Kumar, Investigating COPD using Big Data Analytics”, International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS -2017), Coimbatore, India IEEE ISBN: No. 978-1-5090-4558-7 6th -7th January 2017, pp 1984-87 

Papers Published in National conferences - 2017

  1. Dr. Jasmine K.S, “Importance of risk based thinking in leadership & administration”, NAAC Sponsored National conference on Transforming Higher Education through Academic and Administrative Audit Organized by Quality Assurance Cell, NMKRV College for Women Bangalore, Karnataka, 3rd to 4th February 2017, ISBN:978-93-856-40-90-2, pp.48-60.
Book Publications - 2017
  1. Dr. Andhe Dharani, Shailaja Kumar, published a book titled “System Programming”, Thakur Publications, 2017, ISBN: 978-93-83922-25-3
Book Chapters Publications - 2017
  1.  Jayasimha S R, Dr. Usha J and Dr. S G Srivani, “Design and use of virtualization technology in cloud computing”, D-Book Interline publishing on April 2017
  2. Mr.Krishnan.R, Dr. Andhe Dharani “A New 2D Shape Descriptor Generation Method for Different Craters Based on the Intensity Values” for the Book ‘Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Computations in Engineering Systems’, Springer, ISBN: 978-981-10-3173-1, Copyright Year 2017, pp : 159-165 

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