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Academic Achievements - University Ranks

The department has 14 university ranks achieved by the students since 2002.

  • Ms Amrutha A secured 4th rank in the year 2017
  • Mr Aqueel Ahmed secured 4th rank in the year 2013
  • Ms Deepika B secured 6th rank in the year 2012
  • Ms Deepika G secured 1st rank (Gold medal) and Ms Indumathi S 6th rank in the year 2011.
  • Ms Hita M S secured 2nd rank in the year 2010.
  • Ms Ranjani V B secured 4th and Mr Arup Aich secured 9th rank in 2008.
  • Mr Avinash Kodikal secured 5th and Ms Shilpa R secured 10th rank in 2007.
  • Mr Sanket Goenka secured 2nd rank in 2006.
  • Ms Ashwini Vasanth secured 6th and Mr Praveen PV secured 8th rank in 2004.
  • Mr Heeru Janweja  secured 10th rank in 2002.

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