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The department of library and information centre was established in the year 1963 currently with three technical staff – library science professionals and five non - technical staff. Library has a vast collection of books, reference books, bound volumes, technical national and international journals, e- books, e- journals, encyclopedia and other multimedia resources, document collection volume is 172639. Library subscribes 233 technical journals 23 technical magazines and 15 daily newspapers which include English and Kannada.
Institution has subscribed to Skillsoft e-Books 24x7 for accessing e-books which includes Engineering Pro / IT Pro, it has a collection of 45111 e-books.
Gartner research database for accessing technology related insight, written research, access to peer portal, these resources are web based can be accessed anytime/ anywhere.
E- Journals are subscribed through VTU e-Resource Consortium, the e- journals are from various leading publisher and is a value added service to the readers, and it has a collection of 1661 e- Journals and 11,111 e-Books, Institutional Subscription IEEE, it has a collection of 1990 e-journals and conference proceedings. These resources are IP based and can be accessed through Digital library, anywhere in the campus and home also.

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