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Library Services

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Category of Membership No. of Books Period of Loan
Students Under Graduate (BE) 04 15 days
Students Post Graduate (M.Tech/MCA) 05 15 days
Faculty Teaching 15 One Semester
Research Scholar 05 30 days
Non Teaching Staff 03 30 days

Library Services

(1) Circulation of Books:- Books meant in stack and PG section will be issued for its readers.

(2) Classification of Books:- All the subjects books are arranged as per the classification numbers.

(3) Reference Services:- Reference books are meant for in-situ reference only.

(4) Book Bank Facility:- The facility is provided for category students, an additional two books are issued apart from the books in the stack area.

(5) Inter Library Loan:- Document delivery service through DELNET is provided to its readers for the books, manuscripts and journal articles not available in library by borrowing them through DELNET.

(6) User awareness Programme:- Library facility and services orientation programme is given for the new students.

(7) Reprographic Services/Centralized



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