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Industry Interaction

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Industry Institute Interaction:

Department has MOU's with companies like EMC2 for Information Storage Management, Samsung for Mobile Handset Software Design and Application Development with Android, MindTree for Software Practice and Testing , Infosys for Business Intelligence, AMD for Heterogeneous Computing, SAP LABS for Business by Design, Sparks Systems India for Enterprise Software Architecture, ISACA and GCSRT.

Sl. No. Organization Course Offered Activities
1 EMC2 Information Storage Management Curriculum Design and Development
2 Samsung Pvt Ltd., Mobile Handset Software Design and Application Development with Android Curriculum Design and Development
3 Mind Tree Software Practice and Testing Lab Set-up and Project work
4 Infosys Business Intelligence Co-Teaching.  Part of syllabus is covered by experts from Samsung.
5 AMD Heterogeneous Computing Co-teaching
6 SAP LABS Business by Design Expert Lecture and Workshop
7 Sparx Systems India Enterprise Software Architecture Curriculum Design and Development
8 Silfratech Pvt. Ltd NA Consultancy Work


There are 6 dedicated labs for UG, 2 separate labs for PG (SE & IT), 1 R&D lab and 1 innovative project lab. Department also has many Consultancy Projects from industries & organizations like TE Connectivity India Pvt. Ltd, Technology Development for Indian Languages, Naval Research Board, UGC, AICTE, Armament Research Board- New Delhi, General Motors(R&D), GE(R&D)- Bangalore.

An ongoing research project on “A New Framework for Analysis, Generation and Translation in Indian Languages (Kannada and Telugu)” is being carried out by Professors in the Dept. of ISE and has been granted an amount of 97 Lakhs.

The department organizes many training & workshops for Students and Faculties in association with experts from industries every year.

Professional training program on MS Access and VB .NET has been provided to the Border Security Force (BSF) personnel by Professors of Dept. of ISE.

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