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Events / Seminars

The Deartment of Industrial Engineering and Management is actively involved in motivating both staff and the students towards conducting various activities apart from the academics. InDustrial Engineering Association (IDEA) is an initiation of Department of Industrial Engineering and Management in order to create and spark innovation through various curricular, extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The activites conducted are as below:  

Activities 2018

  • Expert lecture by Kilaru Naga Sravana , Alumni, IEM, RVCE on Career opportuinities and social upliftment on 11 January 2018.
  • Industry Institution Interaction at M/s. Kennametal India Ltd., Bengaluru on 17th and 24th January 2018.
  • Industrial visit to M/s. IMTEX-2018, BIEC, Bengaluru by IV and VI semester studnets on 23 January 2018. 
  • Invited talk on “Intelligent Transport System” by Ms. Alka Nair, Mathworks, organized by CoE-IoT on 16th February 2018.
  • E-Summit 2018 Manifesting Millennials organized by R V College of Engineering, during 22nd – 24th February 2018.
  • Industrial visit to M/s. Yasakawa India Private Limited by VI smester UG and II semester PG students on 19/02/18.
  • Guest lecture on "Social Innovations" by Mr.  Satyma, University of Commons, Mind Tree Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru on 20/03/2018.
  • Invited talk by Sai Gauthami, Prod Team Lead, General Electricals on “Industrial Engineers area and Career opportunities for Industrial Engineers” on 27/08/2018.
  • Industry visit to M/s. Polytech Packins, Bengaluru by III semester (UG) students , on 23 August 2018.
  • Expert lecture on “Project Chase Your Dreams” for Global Elective students on 17.09.2018 at IEM seminar hall by Mr. Rohit Sarawathi, PG student, IEM, RVCE.
  • Expert lecture on “Current Trends in Project Management” for Global Elective students on 03.09.2018 at IEM seminar hall by Mr. Vijay Krishnamurthy, Founder, Groundstrokes Ventures.
  • Industry visit to M/s. Trinity Institute of NDT Technology, Peenya Industrial Estate, Bengaluru V semeste students on 24.09.2018.

Activities 2017

  • Industrial visit to M/s. Precision Telecom Products, Mahadevapura Industrial Area, Bengaluru by IV Semester students on 17 January 2017. 
  • Industrial visit to M/s. TE Connectivity, Hudi Circle, White Field, Bengaluru by VI students on 10 Februaury 2017.
  • Polytec Packings (I) Pvt. Ltd., building "A" #14,, KIADB Industrial Area 1st Phase, Kumbalgodu Industrial Area, Kumbalgodu, by VI sememster students on 14 February 2017.
  • Industrial visit to M/s. Yaskawa India Pvt. Ltd., II main, Electronics City , Bengaluru by  VI students on 21 February 2017.
  • Visit to IMTEX-2017, BIEC, Bengaluru orgnaized by IDEA for UG IV, VI Sem, PG II Sem
  • National conference on “Leveraging Intelligent Transportation System for Enabling Smart Cities” organized by Dept of IEM on 2-4 March 2017.
  • Workshop on 3D Printing- A disruptive Technology of this era organized by Dept of IEM & Mechanical Engg. on 13-15 March  2017.
  • Expert lecture on Six Sigma by Gorur N Sridhar of Gorur Consultancy on 03 April 2017. 
  • Two days workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) organized by Dept. of IEM in association with M/s. Djuris during 24th & 25th July, 2017
  • Guest lecture by Prof. J Govardhan, Consultant, JEM Consultant addressed faculty regarding the Data Analytics using Excel on 22nd September 2017.
  • Industry visit to M/s. Polytech Packins, Bengaluru by III semester (UG) students , on 13th September 2017.
  • Organized TEDx event “Theme: Through the Horizon” on October 16th, 2017 at RV College of Engineering.
  • Invited talk on “Video IOT and Applications” by Dr. Tinku Acharya, Founder and Managing Director of Videonetics organized by CoE-IoT on 27th October 2017

Activities 2016

  • One week training program on “MATLab Fundamental & Statistical Tools” on 5th – 10th December 2016 by IEM and Maths dept. under TEQIP II

  • Expert lecture by Dr. R Sridharan, Professor - National Institute of Technology Calicut, on Scientific Writing skills conducted on 12th November 2016.

  • Industrial visit to M/s. Polytec Pvt Ltd., Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru by III Semester Students on 08th October 2016.

  • Industrial visit to M/s. Yaskawa India Pvt. Ltd by VII Semester Students on 12th October 2016.

  • Mr. Guruprasad, Directo, Vibha Technologies Pvt. Ltd , addressed the students on " Career opportunities in Manufacturing Industries under IDEA organized by department of IEM

  • Mr.Rohan Sachidanand, Operations manager - Amazon delivered a expert lecture on " Generation of Project Ideas" on 22nd Aug 2016 under IDEA organized by department of IE
  • Magnetic particle inspection method (Demonstration) on 31st Aug 2016 organized by department of IEM
  • Expert Lecture Delivered by Mr. Rohan Sachidanand on Project Management tools and their applications in the field of Industrial Engineering, on 22th August 2016
  • Conducted Proficiency course on "Predictive analytics" through variour industry experts, academicians and Research Scholors organized by Deparment of Industrial Eng. and Management on 26th - 29th July 2016. 
  • Five days workshop on Metrology and Measurement, Quality Control and Non Destructive labs during 11th – 15th July 2016 organized by department of IEM
  • Five days workshop on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Technomatics Software during 20th to 24th June 2016 organized by department of IEM
  • TEQIP-II Initiative “One Week Short Term Course on Research Methodology” during 06/06/2016 to 11/06/2016 organized by Dept. of IEM,  organized by Dept. of IEM Dept. of ISE, Dept. of CSE. 
  • Mr. Mohit Bafna, CEO, GEMBA Cocpects, Bengaluru, delivered lecture on "Orientation program on Implementation of Lean Concepts in Manufacturing Industries" on 29th  April 2016.
  • Dr.H.R.Mahadeva swamy, MD & CEO, Applied Inventions and IP Consultant, RVCE, delivered lecture on “Mapping the work going on with RVCE to emerging & Industry problems& creation of inventions” on 5th April 2016. 
  • Expert Lecture Delivered by Prof. (Dr.). N S Venkataraman, FIE, Former Director, MIT, Anna University; Former Director, TIFAC, DST, Government of India and Former Vice President, Aeronautical Society of India, as well as the First Honorary secretary General of Aerospace Society of India, delivered lecture on "Technology as a vehical of development for strong India" on 05/02/2016 under the banner of IDEA.
  • Visit to IMTEX 2016 orgnaized by IDEA for 4th and 6th semester students on 25/01/2016.

Activities 2015

Activities 2014

Activities 2013