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AI-ML Faculty

Name Designation Area of Specialization Email Address

Dr. B. Sathish Babu

Professor and HoD

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks Security, HPC, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing
Dr. Vijayalakshmi M.N  Associate Professor Data Mining and Image Processing,Soft Computing
Dr. S. Anupama Kumar Associate Professor Data Mining
Prof. Narasimha Swamy S  Assistant Professor  Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Edge Computing/Intelligence
Prof. Somesh Nandi  Assistant Professor Robotics & Automation,Integrated Photonics , Optoelectronics
Dr.K. Vishwavardhan Reddy Assistant Professor WSN, Body area networks, Networking, Wireless communication, BigData Analytics

Prof. Rajesh R M

 Assistant Professor

Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security

Prof. Priya TV

Assistant Professor

Artificial Intelligence, Automata Theory
Prof  Sonika CT Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Networking