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Industry Interface

                                                    MoU between RVCE and Boston India Ltd.

MoU between RVCE and Boston India Ltd. was signed on 20 th  May 2022 to offer a 6-monthsCertification course in Data Science. This course is specially designed for training working professionals and students on Data Science technology. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning department, RVCE, will coordinate the certification course.

Boston Limited was founded in 1992 and has a presence in every continent and vertical, such as High-Performance Computing, the design, build, installation, and management of mission-critical serverand storage solutions, and introducing cutting-edge technology solutions and innovation to clients.The group generated over $130m in revenue globally in the last financial year.

Data science has become a major emerging discipline and career domain in recent days. This course issignificant in business for many reasons, including augmenting the decision-making process, trendanalysis, improving corporate performance, strategic planning, target customer assessments,optimization, etc.

The proposed course covers all the required modules needed for data scientists, starting fromIntroduction to data science and engineering, Python programming, Data visualization, Appliedstatistics, Data management, Machine learning, and Deep Learning. The course is taught for 200Hours in blended mode, including 150 Hours of training and 50 Hours of Capstone project. Thecourse also includes discussions on selected industrial case studies and solutions.

During the occasion, Mrs. Laxmi Nageswari, Global Head of AI Education, Boston India Ltd. andother Boston officials were present.