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Faculty Details Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering:


Sl. No. Name Designation Area of Interest Email-id
1. Dr. CH Renu madhavi Associate Professor and HOD Bio-Medical Engineering
2. Dr. Padmaja. K. V Professor Biomedical signal Processing, CCN, Measurement and Instrumentation
3. Dr. Prasanna Kumar. S. C Professor Signal Processing( Acoustic Signal Processing), Bio MEdical Engineering
4. Prof. Venkatesh. S Associate Professor Instrumentation, Process Control & Automation
5. Dr K B Ramesh Associate Professor Signal Processing ,Embedded Systems, BioMedical Engineering
6. Dr. Anand Jatti Associate Professor Image Processing, Signal Processing
7. Dr. Sudarshan. B. G Associate Professor Bio Medical Engineering
8. Dr. Rachana. S. Akki Assistant Professor Biomedical Imaging, Microwave Imaging, Thermal Imaging, Radiometry
9. Dr. Deepashree Devaraj Assistant Professor Medical Image Processing, Bio Medical Instrumentation, Signal Processing
10. Dr. Harsha Assistant Professor Medical Image Processing, Neural Network
11. Dr. Tabitha Janumala Assistant Professor Bio-Medical Signal Processing, Image Processing, ARM Processors
12. Dr. Rajasree. P. M Assistant Professor Digital Image Processing, Biomedical Instrumentation
13. Dr. Kendaganna Swamy. S Assistant Professor VLSI Design, NOC, Flexible Electronics
14. Dr. Veena Divya. K Assistant Professor Biomedical Instrumentation, Digital Image Processing, ARM Processor

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