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Training Programs

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Conferences/Workshops Organized in the last six months (December 2014 to May 2015):

  1. RVCE in association with Journal  of Environmental Research And Development (JERAD), Bhopal Organized a 3 days  “7th International Congress of Environmental Research (ICER-14) from 26th to 28th December.2014.

  2. RVCE in association with Government of India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy [MNRE] & Green Skill Academy organized Four days workshop on “Advanced Solar PV Technology” from 21st to 24th February 2015 at RVCE Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  3. RVCE in association with Karnataka State Sericulture Research Development Institute (KSSRDI) organized one day workshop on “Sensors, Systems for ICT Enabled Agriculture” on 27th March 2015 in the Electronics & Communication Engineering department at RVCE.

  4. RVCE in association with Micro Chitronix Systems Ltd. Lucknow- Uttar Pradesh organized a two day workshop on Silvaco Full flow TCAD/EDA Design Tools on 15th & 16th April 2015 at RVCE in the department of Electronics Communication & Engineering

  5. R.V College of Engineering, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering  organized a two day National Conference on “Research Challenges in Power, Control, Communication and Instrumentation leading to Sustainable Technologies (NCPCCI-15) ” on 24th & 25th April 2015 at RVCE

  6. R.V College of Engineering,  organized a two day Conference on “Advances in Research & Development and Dissemination of interdisciplinary developments for sustainability” on 25th & 27th April 2015 at RVCE

  7. A National Conference was organized on “ICT INNOVATIONS FOR SUSTAINABILITY” on account of Celebrating the WTISD on 16th &17th May 2015. The 17th May marks the anniversary of the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention and the creation of the International Telecommunication Union. The theme of the conference was “Telecommunications and ICTs: Drivers of innovation”.

Trainings/Workshops attended in the last six months (December 2014 to May 2015):

  1. Prof. Krupashankara M S of Mechanical Engg. department attended a 2days Symposium on “ Future of Indian Aerospace SoFIA-2015”  jointly organized by Prof. C R Rao Institute, Hyderabad and Aerospace Engineering, IIT Hyderabad from 23rd to 24th January 2015.

  2. Dr. Geetha K S and Dr.Usha Rani K R of E&C department attended a 3 days short course titled “Estimation Theory for Communication and signal Processing” organized by Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur from 21st to 23rd January 2015 at IIT, Kanpur.

  3. Prof. Roopa J of E&C department presented a paper entitled “ Development of A Conducting Polymer (Polyaniline) Based Gas Sensor” at an “IEEE- International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Signals, Communication & Optimization-EESCO” organized by VIGNAN’S Institute of Information Technology - Visakhapatnam from 24th & 25th January 2015.

  4. Prof. Jayanthi P N & Chethana G, Assistant Professor Department of Electrical & Electronics Communication attended  one day tutorials on “Combinatorial optimization in wireless communication” and “Full duplex wireless communications Systems” and 2 days National Conference on “Communication “organized by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)  from 27th Feb.15 to 1st March.2015 at IIT Bombay.

  5. Sri. Umesh I M, Sri.Nagesh Y N  and Sri. Ravikumar C Koppal ,  attended one  day Workshop on “IPv6 for Enterprises” organized by C-DAC  on 4th March 2015 at Bengaluru

  6. Dr. Ravi K M attended two days Seminar on “Critical Technology Issues: Underwater Vehicles” organized by The Institution of Engineers (India) Karnataka State Centre on 11th &12th March 2015 at Bengaluru.

  7. Prof. A. Mahesh attended 5 days workshop on “Fundamentals and Applications of Metamaterials-2015” from 6th to 10th April 2015 organized by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur

  8. Dr. C. Bindu Ashwini, Assistant Professor, Department of HSS, attended a one day QEEE feedback session on 11th April 2015 at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras and received the “Faculty prize for the week” during february 2015 for the Spoken English Sessions

  9. Prof. K S Geetha & Usharani K R attended 3 days workshop on “Detection Theory for Communications and Signal Processing” from 27th to 29th April 2015 at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

  10. Mr.M Ananthakumar, faculty from Electrical Engineering department had attended 3 day workshop on “Power Electronics for Grid Connected Renewable Energy Systems” from 14th to 16th May 2015 at Calicut, Kerala, India organized by National Institute of Technology, Calicut.

  11. Prof. K Madhavi of Civil Engineering department was deputed to attend a 4 day workshop on “Structural Steel Design” from 25th to 29th May 2015 at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.


Employability Enhancement Programs:

  1. RVCE organized an orientation programme on “Reclaim your Brilliance Drop Into Genius” on 13th February 2015. Sri.Kumaraswamy, Leader – Brain academy for Secret to Success, was invited to deliver the technical sessions. The faculty & Students attended the program.

  2. Department of Information Science & Engineering organized one day Employability Enhancement workshop on “Agile methodology” on 9th April 2015 at RVCE. Mr. A Narasimhan, M/s.PM Power Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru delivered the training. He presented the statistics on the total projects developed & successful in the world, thereby discussing the importance of software development methodologies.

  3. Under the Finishing School initiative an "Employability Enhancement on Teaching Methodologies" workshop was organised during the period 29th June 2015 to 3rd July 2015, for the benifit of the M.Tech Students aspiring to take up academic career.

Pedagogical Skills Development Programs:

  1. Faculty members (24 Members) were deputed to attend 5 day workshop on “Pedagogical Skill Development Programme” from 27th April to 1st May 2015 at Hotel Atria, Palace Road, Bengaluru conducted by M/s. Padma Knowledge Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

In continuation to the Pedagogy program a Micro Lecture Video Recording Sessions was carried out at our Digital Media Center on 18th & 19th May 2015. The faculty were asked to deliver a lecture for a short duration of 10 to 15 minutes on selected topics of their choice relevant to their domain.

The Micro Lecture Video Review, Assessment & Feedback session was scheduled on 28th May 2015. During this session the video recordings has been reviewed and assessed by a team of experts consisting of Dr.D.Vasudeva Naidu and Prof.K.N.Rajarao, TEQIP Coordinator. The feedback on the finding were shared among the participants

  1. As part of the TEQIP_II initiative a workshop on "Outcome Based Education (OBE)" was organized during the period 18th to 19th June 2015 for the benefit of the probationers in the faculty cadre.

  2. As part of the TEQIP-II initiative an "Pedagogical Skills Development Training" workshop was organized during the period 29th June 2015 to 3rd July 2015, for the benefit of the probationers in the faculty cadre.

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