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Prof. G. Sadashivappa

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Designation  Professor & CoE      
Educational Qualification  M.Tech., Ph.D

Teaching: 35 Years
Industry: 2 Years

Research : 3 Years

Area of Interest  Fiber Optic communication,     Signal processing & applications

Professional Membership:


Awards & Achievements:

  1. Letters of appreciation received from the Principal, RVCE and RSST in 2011 & 2012.

  2. Certificate of honour awarded for achieving academic excellence through research presentation , 9 sept 2008 by ISTE-RVCE chapter.

  3. Testimonial of Appreciation for coordinator for 8th mile –Techno-cultural program, RVCE, March 2008.

  4. “Best Faculty award” for the academic year 2013-14 by RVCE-ISTE chapter instituted by M/s CTS, Bangalore during teacher’s day celebrations on 5th Sept14.

Text Books Authored:

  1. Authored a book titled “POWER ELECTRONICS” Published by Subhas Publications.

  2. Authored a book titled “ ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS” Published by Subhas Publications

Project Guided:

Number of UG projects guided: 15

Number of PG projects guided: 20

Research Profile:

(i) R & D projects executed:

1. Modernization of Industrial Electronics lab. under MODROBS-AICTE during 1995 for Rs.5.0lac.

2. RESPOND PROJECT: “Study and development of Image Compression Algorithms for Satellite Images” No: ISRO/RES/554/08-09, DEC’08, for two years, 2009-12, Amount: Rs.6.36lakh.

(ii) Ph.D Guidance:

Currently guiding three research scholars under VTU, Belagavi.

Courses taught :

Optical Communication & Networks, Short Range Wireless Communication, Advanced VLSI, DSP for communication, Image processing, Electronic Circuits, Power Electronics, Wavelets & Applications

Publications :

Type No.
International Journals:  07
International Conferences: 07
National Conferences: 12


Details of Scopus Indexed/WoS/ICI/Qs publications:

International Journals:

   1. Shambulinga M., Sadashivappa G., “Hyperspectral Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 12, Issue. 6, July 2021, (Scopus Indexed).

  2. Balaji V., Sadashivappa G., “Analysis of Unintelligible Speech for MLLR and MAP-Based Speaker Adaptation”, Advances in Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems. SIRS 2020. Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol 1365, Feb 2021.(Springer, Scopus Indexed).

  3. Shambulinga M., Sadashivappa G., “Supervised Hyperspectral Image Classification using SVM and Linear Discriminant Analysis” , International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Application, Vol. 11, Issue. 10, Nov 2020, (Scopus Indexed).

4. Deepthi Murthy T, Sadashivappa G., Framework for comprehensive enhancement of brain tumor images with single-window operation”, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering “,Vol. 10, Issue. 5, pp. 801-808, May 2020, (Scopus Indexed).

5. Gururaj B, Sadashivappa G., “Channel encoding system for transmitting image over wireless network”, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vol. 10, Issue. 5, pp. 801-808, May 2020,(Scopus Indexed).

6. Shambulinga M and G. Sadashivappa., “Hyperspectral Image Classification using Support Vector Machine with Guided Image Filter”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 10, Issue. 10, Oct 2019.(Scopus Indexed).

7.Ranjani G, Sadashivappa G, “Analysis of doppler effects in underwater acoustic channels using parabolic expansion modelling”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 10, , Issue. 3, March 2019, (Scopus Indexed).

International conference Publications:

1. B. G. Reddy, G. Sadashivappa and S. Gunasekaran, “Acoustic Performance Analysis of Micro Speaker Using Machine Learning Algorithms”, International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (CICN), pp. 408-415, Sep 2020, (Scopus Indexed)

2. Balaji V, Dr. G. Sadashivappa, ” Waveform Analysis and Feature Extraction from speech data of dysarthric persons”, International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN), pp 955-960, May 2019, (Scopus Indexed).

3. P Nagaraja, G Sadashivappa, “Fault Diagnosis of Delta Sigma ADC using National Instruments-Multisim and Implementation using SVM”, International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP), Apr 2019, (Scopus Indexed)

4. M. D. Hatagundi, A. Navadagi and G. Sadashivappa, “Implementation of Broadband Radio over Fibre (RoF) Passive Optical Networks (PON) using Optisystem”, International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC), pp. 154-158, Jan 2019. (Scopus Indexed)

5. S. Sunitha and G. Sadashivappa, “Design and Analysis of 2×2 MIMO system for WLANs - A Review”, International Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems (ICEDSS), pp. 285-287, Nov 2018. (Scopus Indexed)

6. P. Nagaraja, G. Sadashivappa, “ Fault Diagnosis with Statistical Properties and Implementation Using MKSVM for Flash ADC”, Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems (ICTIS 2017) Aug 2017.(Scopus Indexed)

7. Nagaraja, P., Sadashivappa, G., “Fault Diagnosis of 16 bit digital to analog converter using national instruments-multisim and implementation using Support Vector Machines”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, Aug 2018. (Scopus indexed)

Conferences Organized:

Organized fourteen National Conferences on account of “WORLD TELECOMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION SOCIETY DAY” during May 16-18 , since 2001 as an annual event of the department.

Collaborative works carried out with academia and industry:

Member of various committees

(i) Member BoE VTU, Belagavi.

(ii) Deputy Chief (External and Internal) for VTU Exams.

(iii) Member BoS, MaGE, Bangalore

(iv) Member BoE, Jain University, Bangalore

(v) Member BoS and BoE, S I T Tumkur (Autonomous)

(vi) Member BoE, SSIT Tumkur (Autonomous)

(vii) Member BoE, BMSCE, Bangalore (Autonomous)

(viii) Member BoE, VVCE, Hyderabad (Autonomous)

(ix) Member BoS and BoE, Christ University, Bangalore

(x) Member BoE, MG.University, Kottyam, Kerala.

(xi) Member BoE, Anna University,Chennai.

(xii) Member BoE, SICET, Hyderabad (Autonomous)