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Designation Professor & DeanPG Studies(Circuit Branches)       
Educational Qualification

M. Tech (Ph.D)


Teaching: 2  Yrs           Industry :38 Yrs

Research : 19 Yrsr

Area of Interest RF and Microwave Engineering and Wireless systems 
Date of Joining 23.12.2013

Project Guided:

Number of PG projects guided: 8


International Journals: 07

International Conferences: 06

List of International Journals publications:

[1] Akshata Rakkasagi, Shambulinga M, Manjunath R K, "Building Low Cost Coupler: Made Easy", International Journal of Advance Engineering and Reserch Development, Volume 1, Issue 8, Sept-2014.

[2] RK Manjunath, Dr.K Nagabhushan Raju, Sumukha Prasad, Prithvi Shankar," Design of Short Haul High Capacity Intra City Microwave Access Link for Transport of Cellular Traffic," International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology, Vol.2, Issue. 6, PP 167-175, 1-Sep-14, ISSN 2349-4395 (Print) & ISSN 2349-4409 (Online).

[3] R.K Manjunath, Soumya Hegde, Dr.K.N Nagabhushan Raju, Manju.S," Design of High Capacity Microwave Linkbetween Two Cities," International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol.2, Issue. 4, 1-Jul-14, pp. 5164-5169.

[4] Karthik R, Prof. R. K. Manjunath, Dr. H. V. Kumaraswamy, Rectangular Slotted Ground Structure to Reduce Mutual Coupling in Microstrip Patch Antenna Array", International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJARECE), Vol. 4, Issue. 5, pp. 1363-1365, 1-May-15.

[5] Shreyasi Srivastava, R.K.Manjunath, Shanthi.P," Design, Simulation and Fabrication of a Microstrip Bandpass Filter", International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications", Vol. 3, Issue. 5, pp. 154-1581-Sep-14, ISSN-2319-7560 (Online).

[6] Sumukha Prasad U, Giri Prasad, RK Manjunath," Development of Tool for Data De-Serialization of memory dumps (octeon & TI DSP Multicore Environment)," Paripex- Indian journal of research, Vol. 4, Issue. 5, pp. 3-7, 1-May-15, Issn – 2250-1991.

[7] Prithvi Shankar N, Sisil John, Prakash Goyal, RK Manjunath," A Tool for performance testing of user plane sub system of radio network controller," Paripex- Indian journal of research, Vol. 4, Issue. 5, pp. 237-240, 1-May-15, Issn – 2250-1991

List of International Conference publications:

[1] R.K.Manjunath, K.Nagabhushana Raju," A Practical Perspective on design of a long haul Microwave link in hilly-non LOS terrain,", IEEE India conference(INDICON), 1-Dec-14.

[2] R.K.Manjunath, K.Nagabhushana Raju," An Experimental analysis of Impact of Rainfall on Microwave Links," IEEE Spice 2015, 1-Feb-15.

[3] R.K.Manjunath, K.Nagabhushana Raju, "Synchronization of GSM TDM Netwok through Microwave Media and its impact on GSM KPI's", IEEE CONECCT 2015, 1-Jul-15

[4] R.K.Manjunath, K.Nagabhushana Raju," An Experimental Evaluation of Impact of Synchronization on GSM Network Performance," IEEE ICACCI 2015, 1-Aug-15

[5] T. Ninikrishna,, Soni Sahu,, Rathina Balan Thalaiappan,, Siri Haricharan,, R. K. Manjunath,”1-WIRE COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL FOR DEBUGGING MODEM CHIPSETS” ERCICA-2015,Springer Aug 2015, Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications pp 535-548

[6] R.K.Manjunath, K.Nagabhushana Raju," Evaluation of BSC Clock frequency drifts on HOSR - a Practical Perspective   ," IEEE iCATcct 2015, 29 Oct -15


Interaction with Outside:

Consultancy Projects:

Title:  Hands on RF Training 

Duration: 5 Months Completed

Amount: Rs 11 lakhs 

Organization: TCS

Consultancy Projects:

Title:  Training Program for BSF engineers on “Antenna and Transmission Lines”

Duration: One Week Completed

Amount: Rs 0.5 lakhs 

Organization: STS BSF


Title:  Training Program for BSF engineers on “Visual basics”

Duration: One Week Completed

Amount: Rs 0.3 lakhs 

Organization: STS BSF


Awards:  Recipient of Nadachethana award for the year 2015,

conferred by  Ranga chethana  and sponsored by Dept. of Kannada and culture,

Karnataka for the services rendered to Telecom Industry


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