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Designation Assistant Professor    
Educational Qualification M.Tech
Experience Teaching: 10 yrs
Area of Interest RF & Microwave Circuit Design , TeraHertz Systems, Antenna Design
Date of Joining 16.09.2013

Area of Specialization: Digital Communication

Research area: RF & Microwave Systems

Subjects taught: Transmission Lines and Waveguides, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Microwave Engineering, Antenna Theory and Design, Smart Antennas, RF MEMS, Digital Communication, Satellite Communication, Object Oriented Programming Concepts using C++

Projects Guided:-

No. of UG projects: 8

No. of PG projects: 12

No. of Ph.D scholars guided: NA

 No. of Ph.D scholars currently guiding: NA

International Conference Publications:

  1. Akshaya, Nagendra N.N. "Thin film Optical Filters : Bandpass Characteristics of VIBGYOR wavelengths", 2018 4th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT), Mangalore, India, Oct 27-28, 2018

  2. Pradeep K. S.,Nagendra N.N., Manjunath R.K., " Design and Simulation of Slotted Waveguide Antenna Array for X- Band Radars" , 2018 4th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT), Mangalore, India, Oct 27-28, 2018

  3. Akshaya, N. N. Nagendra, A. Srivastava and V. L. Christie, "Design of W-band sheet beam Extended Interaction Klystron for millimeter-wave appplications," 2017 IEEE Applied Electromagnetics Conference (AEMC), Aurangabad, 2017, pp. 1-2.

  4. Abhishek P., Goutam Hedge, Arpitha K. S., Nagendra N. N. "Performance Analysis of Received Signal Strength based Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning Algorithms", Proceedings of IEEE International Conference On Recent Trends In Electronics Information Communication Technology, pp 1320- 1325, May 19-20, 2017, India.

  5. Ravikumar S., Nagendra N. N., Madhusudhana Kothari "Design and Simulation of 4W RF Power Amplifier for LTE Band 28 ", Proceedings of 2017 International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control (I2C2),Vol 3, pp 250-254, 23rd- 24th June 2017, Coimbatore, India.

International Journal Publications:

  1. Ravikumar Hullur, Nagendra N. N. “Design and Characterization of an UWB Antenna with Multiple Band Notch using EMPro” in “International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering”, (IJARCCE PUBLICATIONS) vol no. 4 Issue 8, August-2015, pp 188-192.

  2. Santosh P., Nagendra N. N., Naveen Kumar M. C. "A Review of OTT Traffic and Net Neutrality" International Journal of Informative and Futuristic research(IJIFR),V2/E9/054, Page no, 3258-3266, May 2015.

  3. Chetan P. Mule, Nagendra N. N. "Implementation of Lossless compression of Medical images on FPGA" International Journal of Informative and Futuristic research(IJIFR),Volume , Issue 9 Page no, 392-300 , May 2014.

National Conference Publications:

  1. Ravikumar Hullur, Nagendra N N " Design and Analysis of an eye geometry UWB Antenna using EMPRO" National Conference on "ICT Innovations for Sustainable Development" May 16th- May 17th 2015.

  2. Roopa S, Raveesh S and Nagendra N N “Fully Pipelined Baseline JPEG Encoder For real time Application using FPGA” Two day National Conference on Convergence of Signal Processing Communication and VLSI Design(NCSCV10), Dharwad, India Page no. 158-161, Aug 2010.

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