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World Cup t-20 for Blind

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is a nonprofit trust engaged in empowering persons with disabilities and distress in socio-economic-cultural fronts through its various initiatives on Education, Livelihood, Environment, Health & Nutrition, Sports, Culture and Rehabilitation.The trust provided with Gold Passes for Blind t20 match held between India and Pakistan. It was a golden opportunity for NSS volunteers to showcase their patriotism and to support our Indian team.

Around 30 volunteers attended the match held at the city’s cricket stadium. They made posters to encourage the Indian team and to cheer them.

Road Safety-Walkathon

A walkathon was held in Cubbon park till Anil Kumble circle, where volunteers displayed the posters. Mr. Priyank Harge, Hon’ble Minister, IT, BT appreciated the work being done by the team.Handouts were distributed by the volunteers at the signals which consisted of basic traffic rules for safety.

A small Mimicry was done by Mr. Sivakumar, on road safety, which attracted many people in the Cubbon park.It was an interactive event and volunteers were made to enact a skit play on road safety theme. The program was enjoyed by all and the volunteers for awareness on road safety.

Visit to Dhanyataa

In the ashram, the members welcomed the volunteers. There was a small interactive talk by Dr. Subbaya on how to improve concentration and focus in our subjects.

After the talk the volunteers and NSS officers with the guidance of Dr. Subbaya, the volunteers went on a trek to a hill which was nearby. On the top of the hill, there was pyramid like place where the volunteers could meditate, Dr. Subbaya told about ‘Om-kara’ and made the volunteers to practice Omkara.After the trek, ashram members served good lunch to the volunteers. Then volunteers and NSS officers gave a small donation to the ashram after which all went for sight-seeing near a lake.

Green Initiative Pledge

The campaign is to spread message among the youth about character and nation building. A green initiative pledge was taken by the volunteers which mainly focused on usage of eco-friendly cutlery, proper waste disposal and reducing usage of banned plastic items.

Also, the volunteers pledged to work towards a cashless campus and respect every citizen and to treat them equally. The volunteers took an oath to strive towards maintaining good health and practicing Yoga and also create an healthy environment.

National Youth Week at Place Grounds

On the occasion of national youth week, the Government of Karnataka had hosted a chain of events at the Palace Grounds. NSS Volunteers visited the event and participated in the National Youth Week celebrations.

The Chief Minister of the state addressed the gathering and gave an inspirational speech.. The theme of the events was based on Swami Vivekananda’s principles.

The event recorded around 40,000 volunteers /youth on that day who attended the gathering for a cause. Around 40 NSS volunteers attended the event and were actively involved in the programme of events.

Visit to Wildlife SOS

Visit to Wildlife SOSIn our country, the population of all kinds of animals are gradually reducing to the environmental conditions and few of the species are already extinct. So, an account of this NSS RVCE organized the event called “People for Animals”.

Under this event we selected the Bannerghata National park as a nearest place for wild animals and volunteers were there with the allowable team of 10 members for one day. The volunteers there constructed sleeping beds with play drum specially for bears. They also undertook cleaning of dens, stone sorting and many more to help the animals as on the day.

Visit to Ashraya Trust

We, NSS Volunteers reached the trust at 10:30 am and were cordially welcomed by Mrs. Rani, founder of trust.We started in groups to visit each bed as there was less space. Later NSS volunteers planned to provide some entertainment. It began with Antakshrai between two random group of volunteers.  To our surprise some Mothers joined the volunteers.

The volunteers realized that today, we spend more time in our workplaces than with our families. We want money desperately but we don’t remember because of whom we are earning it.

Finally, all the volunteers joined hands in collecting some amount for Ashraya. It was wonderful visit, celebrating Sankranti with them. It would not have been much better than this.


In India three most important events are celebrated with full respect & dedication. Namely, Independence Day, Republic day & Gandhi Jayanthi.

Gandhi Jayanthi is a national festival celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi “The father of the nation”. Mahatma Gandhi always insisted on truth and nonviolence as the inseparable part of humanism. He gave the world the invincible weapons of truth, nonviolence and compassion.

NSS organised an event to celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd October, 2015 with the theme “My life is My Message”.


To unite all the NSS volunteers together and enhance leadership and confidence in a individual person, NSS core team planned for a team building activity. So we searched for an appropriate place. We thought to select lalbagh botanical garden since it was at the centre of the city and everyone can easily reach the place at ease. Meeting was held to inform about the event to all volunteers.

Venue: Lalbagh botanical garden, Bengaluru

Attendees: NSS officers and 100 volunteers



24th September is a special day for any NSS volunteer, because it’s the NSS day. So, to celebrate NSS day was the idea but to make it meaningful was the intention. So, the idea of “Paper bag event” took its shape. Nowadays, plastic, especially in the form of plastic bags is causing a lot of harm to the environment. Plastic doesn’t get degraded in the environment easily and remains in the soil for a long time.

In order to raise awareness about the ill- effects of plastic to the environment, the NSS volunteers decided to organize a paper- bag making event. Around 500 paper bags were made by the students of RVCE during the course of the event. Also, everyone pledged to reduce the use of plastic bags and as an alternative use paper bags which are biodegradable.

Attendees: NSS officers and 87 NSS volunteers