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Total training period for SD and SW is 3 years with an extension of 1 year permissible & training period for JD & JW is of 2 years. Every cadet of the Senior or Junior Division has to undergo service training for a period of at least 4 hours per week during the training year. However, no training is carried out during periods when the college or school through which a cadet is enrolled is closed for a vacation. Every cadet of the Senior and Junior Division has undergo service training for a minimum period of 75% of total hours during the annual college and school session. Every cadet (in case of JD, who has completed one full year of training and is in his second year) attends an annual training camp of 9–10 days, also known as National Combined Annual Training Camp. For SD/SW the duration is usually for up to 30 days. At the end of the camp training the cadets receive a certificate of successful completion.


A variety of oppurtunities to attend the camps and improvise in every aspect of a person's personality is given in NCC . Some of the Camps include

  • Republic Day Camp (RDC)

  • National Integration Camp (NIC)

  • Basic Leadership Camp (BLC)

  • Advance leadership Camp (ALC)

  • Army Attachment Camp

  • Combined Annual Training Camps (CATC)

  • Hiking And Trekking Camps

  • Thal Sainik Camp (TSC)

  • Vayu Sainik Camp(VSC)

  • Nau Sainik Camp(NSC)

  • Rock Climbing Camps (RCC)

  • Youth Exchange Programme (YEP)

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