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Krupashankar MS

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Professor and Dean - P.G.Studies
Educational Qualification B.E.,M.S., Ph.D

Teaching: 13 Years

Industry : 10 years

R&D: 16 years

Area of Interest Composite Materials, Powder Metallurgy, Solar Thermal Coatings, Rapid Prototyping

Date of Joining RVCE


Email ID  

Project Guided:

Number of UG projects guided: 15

Number of PG projects guided: 26



National Journals: Nil

National Conference: 16

International Journals: 04

International Conferences: 02


List of National Conference publications:

  1. S.H. Yoo, T.S. Sudarshan, Krupa Sethuram, G. Subhash and R.J. Dowding, "Consolidation and High Strain rate Mechanical Behavior of Nanocrystalline Tantalum Powder" Nanostrctured Materials Vol. 12, 23-28 (1999).
  2. Sang H. Yoo, T.S. Sudarshan, Krupa Sethuram, G. Subhash, R.J.Dowding, "Dynamic Compreesion Behavior of Tungsten Powders Consolidated by Plasma Pressure Compaction", Powder Metallurgy, Vol.42, No.2, 181-182 (1999)
  3. 'Nanotechnology - Indian Scenario' - Report to Dept. of Science & Tech, Govt. of India, 2001.
  4. Mahendra Kumar, Parag Deshpande, Krishna M, Krupashankara M.S, Giridhar Madras, 'Photocatalytic Activity of Microwave Plasma Synthesized TiO2 Nanopowders', Journal of Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, Accepted for Publication, Aug.2010.
  5. "Effect of Molar Ratio on Cure Kinetics and Activation Energy of Modified Bismaleimide Resins," by Satheesh Chandran, Munishamaiah Krishna, K. Salini, S. K. Rai and M. S. Krupashankara, International Journal of Polymer Science, (manuscript submitted Sept.2010).
  6. Presentation on 'Energy Efficient Microwave Systems for Ceramic Processing', Millennium Energy Summit, Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI-CSIR), Kolkatta, Sept.2007
  7. Presentation on 'Microwave Plasma Synthesis of Nanopowders', Bangalore-Nano-1, Dec.2007
  8. Krupashankara M.S., Vinayak Mahendrakar, Muralidhar Singh.Presented Paper at "International Conference on Composites for 21st Century – Current and Future Trends" (ICC-CFT 2011): Jan.5-7th, 2011 at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-Paper Title "Experimental Studies and Modeling Flexural Life of Polymer Composites Sandwich Structures",
  9. Participated in 'International Machine Tool Exhibition 2011 (IMTEX-2011)' at Bangalore International Exhibition Center, Bangalore, Jan.20-26th, 2011. Microwave Plasma Machine and Vacuum Assisted Plasma Pressure Densification Machine were on posters display at R.V.College of Engineering, Stall.
  10. Presented Paper at ICOEGC -2011 -Krupashankara.M.S, Ashraf Khan, Amit Bishnoi, " Operational Excellence through Indigenization of Manufacturing Technology for Automotive Rubber Profiles ", International Conference on Operational Excellence for Global Competitiveness, R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore, Feb.3-5,2011.
  11. Presented Paper at ICERP-2011 Krupashankara M S, Anand B, "Flexural Properties & Fatigue Life Behavior of Polymer Matrix Composites and Sandwich Structures", International Conference on Materials for Performance and Innovation", Mumbai, March 2-4,2011.
  12. Nagamadhu M, Mahendran S, Krupashankara M.S, "Vacuum Assisted Plasma Pressure Densification System for Metal Matrix Composites", National Conference on Developments in Composite Materials and Processes, April 7-9th, 2011
  13. Krupashankara.M.S., Vijaya.G., Tilak.K.N., Sujeet Singh, Prasappa.K., 'Performance & Design Optimization Algorithms of RF MEMS Switches', International Conference of Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT-2011), Singapore, June 2011.
  14. Krupashankara.M.S, Nazim Pasha, Prakash Mugali, "Microwave Applicators for Materials Processing" International Conference of Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT-2011), Singapore, June 2011.
  15. Ravindra.B.S., Krupashankara.M.S., "Evaluation of Flexural Properties of Multiaxial Glass Fiber-Epoxy Composites', National Conference TAME 2011, PES Institute of Technology, July 2011.
  16. Kiran Naragati, Gangadhara.T.G., Krupashankara.M.S., Shanmukha.N., "Design and Development of Testing Instrument for Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys", National Conference TAME 2011, PES Institute of Technology, July 2011.

List of International Journals publications:

  1. S.Yoo, M.S.Krupashankara, T.S.Sudarshan, R.J.Dowding, ‘Ultra-High Pressure Consolidation of W-Cu Composites’, Materials Science and Technology, Feb. 1998.
  2. M.S.Krupashankara, R.Kalyanaraman, Sang Yoo, R.J.Dowding, ‘Synthesis & Consolidation of Iron Nanopowders’, Nanostructured Materials, Vol.10, No.8, 1998.
  3. Microwave Energy Transfer Nanometer Sized Powder from MMI Powder Metallurgy - The Institute of Materials, Vol. 42(1), 1999.
  4. ‘Take a Nanopowder’, Design News, Jan.1999.

List of International Conference publications:

  1. Krupashankara M.S., Sang H.Yoo, T.S.Sudarshan, J.J.Stiglich, ‘Fast Consolidation of Rhenium Powders’, Tungsten, Refractory Metals & Alloys, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference, Eds. Animesh Bose and Robert J. Dowding, Florida, 1997
  2. Krupashankara M.S., Sang H.Yoo, T.S.Sudarshan, R.Dowding 'Dynamic Compression Properties of Pure Tungsten Powders Consolidated by Plasma Activated Sintering', Tungsten, Refractory Metals & Alloys, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference, Eds. Presented the above paper at the conference at Florida, USA,in 1997



US Patents:

Seven patents in the field of synthesis & densification of nanopowders :
US 5,989,487; US 6,309,591; US 6,270,718; US 6,187,087;
US 6,183,690; US 6,001,304 US 6,409,851

Indian Patents

Krupashankara M S, Nagamadhu M, Mahendran S, Suresh K.R., "An Apparatus and a Method to Sinter Powder Materials using a Combination of Electric and Magnetic Fields", 549/CHE/2011, Feb.2011.
Krupashankara M S, "A Method and Apparatus with Improved Microwave Heating System for Polymers and Composites", 551/CHE/2011, Feb.2011

Sponsored research projects undertaken

  1. M.S.Krupa Shankara (PI) DST-SERI Development of High Temperature Multi-layer Coatings for Enhanced Solar Thermal Absorption 2012-15
  2. M.S.Krupa Shankara (PI) Naval Research Board Development, Characterization and Testing of MWCNT-Polymer Composites for Fused Deposition Process 2011-13
  3. M.S. Krupa Shankara (PI) Naval Research Board Densification & Characterization of Nanometallic Magnets for Naval Application 2009-11
  4. M.S. Krupa Shankara (Co-PI) Naval Research Board Design & Characterization of RF MEMS Based Devices for Naval Application 2009-11
  5. M.S.Krupa Shankara (Co-PI) Dept. of Science & Technology Characterization Facility for Nanostructured Materials and Coatings - Nano-Mission Program 2009-11
  6. M.S.Krupa Shankara (PI) Armament Research Board Tungsten Nanopowders for Kinetic Energy Penetrators 2007-09


  1. Award from the RSST on excellence in Education on 2011
  2. Won the R&D 100 Awards in 1998 & 1999 - United States (R&D 100 Awards are given to those who have designed, developed and commercialized a technologically significant product)
  3. 1998 NANOGEN Microwave Plasma Synthesis of Nanopowders
  4. 1999 P2CPlasma Pressure Compaction Densification Nanopowders
  5. Won the Excellence in Design Award - 1999 & Product Design and Development Award - for Microwave Plasma Synthesis System Design

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