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MCA Faculty Details


Designation Area of Specialization Email Address
  Dr. Andhe Dharani  Professor.&.Director  Image Processing, Machine Learning
  Dr. Usha J  Professor  Mobile Computing, Networking, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing
  Dr. K.S. Jasmine  Associate Professor  Software Reuse
  Dr. B. Renuka Prasad  Associate Professor   & Associate Dean  Computer Network Security
  Dr. B.H. Chandrashekar  Associate Professor  Information Retrieval
  Dr. S. Anupama Kumar  Associate Professor  Data Mining
  Dr. Mohan Aradhya  Assistant Professor  Wireless Sensor Networks
  Dr. Divya T.L  Assistant Professor  Data Mining
  Prof. Saravanan C  Assistant Professor  Image Processing
  Dr. Vishal C  Assistant Professor Internet of Things (IoT) & Machine Learning
  Prof. Chandrani  Chakravorty  Assistant Professor  Mobile Computing
  Prof. Savita Sheelavant  Assistant Professor  Image Processing
  Dr. Jayasimha S R  Assistant Professor  Cloud Computing
 Dr. Deepika K  Assistant Professor  Internet of Things (IoT) & Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
  Prof. Prashanth K  Assistant Professor  Internet of Things
  Dr. Preethi N. Patil  Assistant Professor  Pattern Recognition,  Image processing
  Dr. R. Savitha  Assistant Professor  Image Processing

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