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MCA Faculty Details


Designation Area of Specialization Email Address
  Dr. Andhe Dharani  Professor.&.Director  Image Processing, Machine Learning
  Dr. Usha J  Professor  Mobile Computing, Networking, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing
  Dr. K.S. Jasmine  Associate Professor  Software Reuse
  Dr. B. Renuka Prasad  Associate Professor   & Associate Dean  Computer Network Security
  Dr. B.H. Chandrashekar  Associate Professor  Information Retrieval
  Dr. Mohan Aradhya  Assistant Professor  Wireless Sensor Networks
  Dr. Divya T.L  Assistant Professor  Data Mining
  Prof. Saravanan C  Assistant Professor  Image Processing
  Dr. Vishal C  Assistant Professor Internet of Things (IoT) & Machine Learning
  Prof. Chandrani  Chakravorty  Assistant Professor  Mobile Computing
  Prof. Savita Sheelavant  Assistant Professor  Image Processing
  Dr. Jayasimha S R  Assistant Professor  Cloud Computing
 Dr. Deepika K  Assistant Professor  Internet of Things (IoT) & Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
  Prof. Prashanth K  Assistant Professor  Internet of Things
  Dr. Preethi N. Patil  Assistant Professor  Pattern Recognition,  Image processing
  Dr. R. Savitha  Assistant Professor  Image Processing

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