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National  Journals

Library subscribes to 233 National/International journals in print version.Journals cover all the subject areas as per the curriculum.

Online Journals are subscribed for all branches of engineering for UG, PG & MCA through VTU e-resource consortium.


The left column titles  of e- Resources are  enclosed in excel format, and the right column is the URL address for browsing the e- Resources.

VTU E-Resources Consortium Subscription (Journals)URL Addresses
e-Resources URL Addresses

Institutional Subscription for IEEE

IEEE - ASPP ( Journals)

IEEE POP ALL ( Conference Proceedings)

Elsevier-Science Direct (Engineering + Computer Science)

(Subscribed journals  titles)

Taylor & Francis

(Subscribed journals  titles)

Springer Nature (ME,CV,CS,EC,ME and allied branches)

(Subscribed journals  titles)

Emerald (Management)

(Subscribed journals titles )

VTU/Institutional Subscription - e-Books / Research Database

Packt (Professional)

(Subscribed e-book titles)

Taylor & Francis (Engineering and allied branches)

(Subscribed e-book titles)

McGraw Hill Express (Subscription model for four year)

(Subscribed e-book titles)

Elsevier SD (Engineering)

(Subscribed e-book titles)

New Age International (Reference + text)

(Subscribed e-book titles)

Cambridge University Press

(Subscribed e-book titles)

Skillsoft e-Books

(Subscribed e-book titles Engineering Pro)

(Subscribed e-book titles IT Pro)

Harvard Business Review Ascent (HBR Ascend)

About HBR Ascend

Gartner Research Database
Knimbus (e-Library + Remote access + Mobile App) Platform

NetAnalytiks Platform

Turnitin (Plagiarism Software Online Tool)

Updated: 06.04.2021

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