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Faculty and Student Achievements

                                  Department Achievements


Faculty Achievements

  • Faculty members are actively involved under Consultancy activity for "TE Connectivity India Pvt Ltd, Shirwal, Maharashtra.for the Project"Performance/Reliability testing of Raspberry Pi controller", Project Cost: 3.00 Lakhs  and SAMSON AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES [SAT], Panchakula, Haryana for the Project: “Design of an Automated System to Pick and Place Gift Toys from Bowl to the Conveyor”, Project Cost: 12.00 Lakhs.

  • Two Faculty members have cleared the National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) Exam on June 10th 2016.

  • Six Faculty members have been awarded Doctoral degree (Ph. D).

  • Ten Faculty members are pursuing Doctoral degree (Ph. D).

  • Faculty members have presented and published more than 200 technical papers in International  and National Journals, International and National conferences.

  • Few faculty members are working on ongoing research projects sanctioned by UGC, BPRD, DRDO, DST & NRB,MODROBS.

  • Faculty members have attended many conferences conducted in all over India.

  • Some of the faculty members have been honored and have received awards like Academic Excellence, Best Teacher and Best Paper Awards from RSST and other institutions.

  • Faculty members are in the Board of Studies of other autonomous engineering colleges.

  • Prof. S. Venkatesh has received a sum of 8.05 Lakhs under MODROBS, AICTE-New Delhi for Universal Process Control Trainer.

PATENTS FILED by Facutly and Students of the Department:

Sl No








Automatic Medication Dispensation and Alerting Unit

National 201641005314 Dr. Prasanna Kumar,

1. Mr. Anurag Shiva Prasad

2. Mr. Arpit Anand Varshney

3. Ms.Niharika Ananth Patel

4. Ms.Niranjana K

2 Gesture Recognition System and Device with Sign Language Translation National 201641010977 Prof. Kendaganna Swamy

1. Ms.Shradha Raj

2. Mr.Vishwas Ramachandra

3. Mr.Devank Saxena

4. Mr.Ansul Jain

3 System and Device for Detecting Human Fall National 201641026462 Dr.Sudarshan B.G Ashutosh.A.P 03.08.2016


Expert Lectures / Invited Talks given by faculties:

Sl No

Faculty Name




1. Dr. Rajine Swetha.R Overview of Biomedical Instruments M.E.I Polytechnic, Bengaluru 01/09/2017
2. Dr. K.V.Padmaja Outcome Based Education

M S Engineering College, Bengaluru

2/01/2017 to 3/01/2017

Dr. K.B Ramesh

Introduction to Signal processing




S Venkatesh

“EFT Technology”

Rotory Sharada Foundation, 7th Block, Jayanagar




Design Developing Flipped class, e-Learning for Engineering and Science Education

Mechanical Seminar Hall, RVCE




Design and Developing flipped classroom,
 e-Learning Instruction for Engineering and Science Education


Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering (JNNCE)

Navule, Shimogga - 577 204


19/08/2016 to 20/08/2016.


Dr. K.B Ramesh

Signals and System Processing





ICT for Teaching Staff

National Institute of Engineering

13/07/2016  to




Training on Innovating Teaching

SJCE, Mysuru




Pedagogy Training  for Teaching Staff

RVCE, Bengaluru



Dr.Anand Jatti


MSRIT, Bengaluru


Faculty Recognitions from 2010-2017

Sl. No

Name of the Faculty


Member of governing body/Academic council Member/BoE/BoS Universities /Other institutions/Agencies


Dr. K B Ramesh

Associate Professor & HOD

  1. BoE Member IT / ML /BM Board VTU

  2. BoE, Bangalore University



Dr. S. C. Prasana kumar


  1. BOS (Member) of MCE, Hassan for 2015-2017.

  2. BOS (Member) of DSCE, Bengaluru for 2015-2017.

  3. BOE (Chairman) of VTU during 2010-2011.

  4. BOE (Member) of VTU during 2012-2013.BOS (Member) of BCE, Bagalkote during 2013-2015.

  5. BOE (Member) of Dr. AIT, Bengaluru for 2014-2016.

  6. BOE (Member) of SIT, Tumkuru for 2015-2016.

  7. Expert Member of Faculty Selection Board, SIT, Tumkur


Dr. Padmaja K.V

Professor & Dean

  1. Member of Panel of Expert for Recruitment and Assessment Centre of DRDO.
  2. Industry institute Interaction Visit under CoE TEQIP-2 to CDAC, SCL, PEC, IIT, Delhi, NPL, IARI, THAPAR University, Punjab, Chandigarh, during 1st July-8th July, 2015.
  3. Member of Panel of Experts for Recruitment and Assessment Centre of DRDO.

  4. Visited Melbourne University for research collaboration during June 2012.

  5. BOS member Presidency University, Bengaluru.

  6. Special Invitee for BOS Meeting at VTU Regional office Bangalore, regarding Preparation of Scheme and syllabus of BMSPI PG programme during May/ June 2014.

  7. Member, Board of studies for UG, BMSCE, Bangalore

  8. Served as President in RVCE –Welfare Association from 2013- 2015 .

  9. Served as Chairperson as ISTE Chairman during 2009-13.

  10. External Expert in the selection board for recruiting the scientists for DRDO.

  11. Advisor for UPSC New Delhi.




Dr. Anand Jatti


Associate Professor

  1. Editorial Committee Member of “Research & Reviews: Journal of Embedded Systems and Applications” of STM International Journals, New Delhi from Dec 2013.

  2. Editorial Committee Member of “Research & Reviews: for the Digital Signal and Image Processing” of STM International Journals, New Delhi.

  3. Editorial Board member for the International Journal on Intelligent Electronic Systems / National Journal on Electronic Sciences and Systems.

  4. Editorial Committee Member of International Journal on Intelligent Electronic Systems and National Journal on Electronic Sciences and Systems by Sathyabama University, Chennai, India from Nov 2014-15.

  5. Editorial member for Microprocessor Journal of STM Journal.

  6. Editorial Committee Member of Journal of Science and Technology “SCIENTECH”, in the year 2015.


Mr. S. Venkatesh

Associate Professor

  1. BOE Member at SIT, Tumkuru.

  2. BOS Member at SIT, Tumkuru.

Student Achievements:

  • Mr. Siddanth Bajpai., is one of the youngest entrepreneur selected by MHRD for the academic year 2017-18 under the team ‘HYDRA’ for the project on underwater vehicle guided by Dr. S.C.Prasanna Kumar., Professor, EIE dept.

  • Under the NI-LabVIEW Academy, four students have cleared the “CLAD” examination and have been certified as LabVIEW Professionals.

  • The Cognizant Technology Solutions awarded the Best Outgoing Student award to Mr. Ankur Ravindra Bodhe of 8th SEM. The award comprised of medal engraved certificate and gift voucher.

  • The best innovative project for the academic year 2016-2017 is awarded to Ms. Aishwarya T V (1RV13IT006), Ms. Amulya G (1RV13IT008), Ms. Ankita.M (1RV13IT010), Ms. Ankita Mallick(1RV13EC020) for the project titled, “ Design and development of automatic fire alert system in Railways using GSM and GPS Technology”.

Students Paper Publications:

Papers Published by students in International Journals

1. Dr. K B Ramesh, C S Satish, Girija B M, Arun Kumar, “ Design and development of a portable low cost instrument for quantification of Urea in milk”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering, Vol 5, issue 2, February 2016, pp- 1178-1183.

2. Meghana Goverdhan, Namrata S, G A Navitha, S Venkatesh, “Intelligent water PH Indication system”, International Journal of Scientific Research and Development, Vol 3, issue 01, 2015, 1167-1169.

3. Dr. K B Ramesh, Kushboo K Gandhi, Pooja Valecha, shraddha pai K, sushma M, “ Quantifaction of urea in milk- a review of existing methods”, International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Research, vol.3, Issue 2, march-april 2015,pp-809-814.

4. Ashwini B, senhalatha D, Navitha Naidu, shruti Malagatti, “ Vehicle density sensor system to manage traffic”, International Journal of research in engineering and technology”,volume:03:Issue:03,March-2014,2321-7308

5. Anmol Oberoi, Rodney Lobo, VeenaDivya .K , “Antenna Utility for Revised Orientation towards Radio Waves” American International Journal of Research in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, vol 7 issue 2, August,2014, pp. 156-165.

6. Banupriya. P, Chaitanya R Shetty, Supriya T V, Varshitha. V, “Comparision of different methods used for detection of Urea in milk by quantification of ammonia”, INTL J.Advanced Research in Electrical and Electronics Instrumentation engineering, Vol.3, Issue.3, March 2014, pp:7858-7863

7. Ashwini B, Senhalatha D, Navitha Naidu, ShrutiMalgatti, “Vehicle density sensors system to manage traffic”, Intl. Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol. 3, Issue.3, March 2014, pp:566-569

8. Kendaganna swamyS,Ranganna Ramappa, Sriram K V,“Design of low power 64 bit SRAM using 13T cell”,International Journal of Engineering Research And Technology, Volume 2 Issue 5- May 2013,Page No 1350-1352

9. Rajine Swetha, Laxmi Nidhi, SristyNayak, Pratyusha Roy, “Unmanned gun control mechanism", International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Volume 2 Issue 5- May 2013, Page No 1743-1749.

10. Veena Divya .K, Ayush Akhouri, Chandan Kumar, Raunak Rishabh, , Rochak Bagla,“A Real time implementation of a GSM based Automated Irrigation Control System using Drip Irrigation Methodology” ,International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research,Volume 4 Issue 5-May 2013,Page No 143-151.

11. Muktha Shankari K, Jyothi K, Manu E O, Naveen I P, Harsha, “Wireless Automatic Water Level Control using Radio Frequency Communication” ,International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering,Volume. 2 Issue 4- April 2013,Page No 1320-1326

12. Deepashree Devaraj, Pavan K , Mallikarjun , Vinod, Karthik Reddy, “Automatic Medical Fluid system using Lab VIEW Real Time",International Journal of computer applications, Feb 2013,Page No 12-16

13. Jafer, Nishanth, KendagannaSwamy S,“Smart Cleaning Device For Various Platform”, International Journal of Engineering Science Invention,Volume 2, Issue 4,2013,Page No 43-47.


Papers Published by students in International Conference

[1] S.C. Prasanna Kumar; Arathi Chandrasekar; Arushi Nagaraj; Parul Gupta; SheetalSekhar“Design of an ElectroEncephaloGram (EEG) amplification circuit for neonates”, International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP), Chennai, April 2016.

[2] Ankur Ravindra Bodhe, Rahul Singh, Abhishek Bawa ,“An internet of things solution for sustainable domestic water consumption”, International conference on computational systems and informational technology for sustainable solutions, RVCE Bangaluru, 8th October 2016.

[3] DeepashreeDevaraj, Pavan K , Mallikarjun , Vinod, Karthik Reddy, “ Reconfigurable Hardware for Patient Monitoring Systems,IEEE sponsored International Conference on Information Communication & Embedded Systems (ICICES 2014) held at S.A.Engineering College,Chennai.


Papers Published in National Conference

[1] KendagannaSwamy S,Manjunath,Sandesh P,Ritesh,Ravi raj “Review paper on GAS sensor” National conference on multifunctional engineering materials NCMEN-2013.


VTU University Rank Holders


    • Course: M.Tech in Bio- Medical Signal processing and Instrumentation.

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      7 2014-2015

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      8 2015-2016

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      9 2016-17 II, III