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Merin Meleet

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Merin Meleet, Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification

B.Tech(IT), M.E(CSE) (Ph.D)


Teaching: 11 years

R & D : 02 years

Area of Interest

Data Mining, Bioinformatics

Date of Joining 11/08/2014

Email ID


List of Publications:

International Journals:

  1. Merin Meleet , Greeshma K, “Detecting Network Intrusions using new feature representations , International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering,Vol.3,Issue 6, June 2013.

  2. Merin Meleet, Greeshma K Identifying Network Intrusions using One dimensional distance” ,International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology , Vol.4,Issue 7, July 2013  

  3. Merin Meleet, Ancy Sudhakar , “ A System for Extraction of Semantic Biomedical Relations Using Multinominal Naive Bayes Algorithm, International Journal of    Advance Research in Computer Science and Management Studies, Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2014

  4. Snehalata Giraddi, Merin Meleet, "Improving the Reliability of the Automation Framework based on Code Coverage Analysis" International Journal of Science and Research, Volume 4 Issue 5, May 2015.

  5. Ancy Sudhakar, Merin Meleet, " An Efficient Approach for Extraction of Disease-Treatment Relation" , International Journal of Scientific engineering and technology research, Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2014.

  6. Brunda T.S and Merin Meleet, - Development of data masking solution for proprietary database – Journal for advanced research  in Applied Sciences, Vol 4, Issue 1, June 2017.

  7. Shoeb Ahamed Shabber and Merin Meleet, Smart Helmet for Accident detection and Notification – 2nd International Conference on Computational Systems and Information technology for sustainable solutions, 2017, IEEE

  8. Sneha J.S, A.R Suraj and Merin Meleet – “ Memory Management schemes in high performance mobile devices” , Journal of advanced research in dynamical and control systems, Issue 03, 2018.

Papers Published in Internationl Conference : Click here

Papers Published in National Conference:

  1. A soft computing approach to Hepatitis-b virus sequence analysis” presented in “Conference on research issues in Engineering and Technology” held at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Consultancy Projects:

  1. Samsung PRISM – Phase 3

Industry Collaboration:

  1. Wipro-IISC Research & Innovation Network Consortium- Phase 1 and 2

Seminars/FDP attended

1. An FDP on Algorithms and Complexity organized by NIT, Calicut

2. A Workshop on Dot Net Technologies organized by Microsoft and K-MUG

3. National Workshop on Cloud Computing organized by PSG CT and Cordys India

4. FDP on Bioinformatics – Algorithms and Tools MHRD, Sponsored by AICTE at    NITC

5. FDP on Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning TEQIP-II Sponsored , at Dept of CSE, NITC

6. National Seminar on Cloud Computing organized by IETE , Calicut Subcenter

7. FDP on Android operating system and Application Development organized by  VTU – VGST Sponsored at Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru

8. Short Term Course on Research Methodology organized by ISE, RVCE, Bangalore (TEQIP)

9.  Six day FDP on Advances in Web Intelligence Techniques organized by dept of ISE, CSE & MCA, RVCE, Bangalore.

10. Two day workshop on Augmented Reality organised by Dept of ISE, RVCE.

11. 6 Days FDP on Big Data – Tools and Techniques organised by Dept of Computer Science, NIT Calicut.

12. FDP on Advances in Computing Tools and Technology [ACTT – 2017], jointly organised by Computer Society of India and Dept of ISE.

Professional Body Membership:

  1. IETE

  2. Computer Society of India

Certification Courses Completed : Click here



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