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Dr. Anala M R


Desigantion Professor
Qualification B.E, MSc(IT),M.Tech, Ph.D
Experience Teaching : 20
Area of Interest

Computer Networks,

Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing,

Distributed Systems and Parallel programming.

Date of Joining RVCE 10/08/2004

Project Guided:

Number of UG projects guided: 80

Number of PG projects guided: 25


National Journals: 1

National Conferences: 5

International Journals: 50

International Conferences: 25

List of Publications: Journals/Conference: Click Here

Funded Research Projects

  1. Smart factory prototypes funded by ABB pvt. Ltd.

  2.  Smart app meter for Energy & Water management Aided with Water and Air quality monitoring funded by IBM.

  3.  Artificial Intelligence Based object movement tracking funded by BEL R&D, CRL Labs.

  4. ChatBot Interface for SD WAN Config Management funded by Citrix R and D

  5. Application of Machine Learning Techniques on Speech Recognition and Detection of Parkinson ’s disease from NVIDIA India Pvt.Ltd

  6. Working on project titled “OPC Wrapper for Modbus driver” from ABB

  7. Carried out project titled “XLS Parser” from Gnostice Pvt Ltd

  8. Principal Investigator for establishing GPU research Center (NVIDIA India Pvt.Ltd) at RVCE for the year 2015-16.

  9. Parallelizing CPU Centric applications/ algorithms on GPUs to optimize the performance using CUDA from NVIDIA India Pvt.Ltd.

  10. IaaS Platform using OpenStack – Automated VM Provisioning and Service Assurance CISCO System

Consultancy Projects

  1. XLSX Parser from Gnostice Pvt Ltd

  2. Framework to automate compliance patch management from HPE

  3. Map a bat roost app development from Bat Conservation India Trust

  4. BatEYE: An acoustic signal detecting and monitoring device for bat habitat from Nvidia pvt. Ltd

  5. OPENFAM: A library for programming disaggregated Memory

  6. Network Architecture Comparison tool from ABB

  7. Design and Develop optimized GPU implementation from Samsung R and D

Interaction with Outside World

  1. Associated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise for academic related activities
  2. Collaborating with Citrix R and D for academic and consultancy activities
  3. Associated with NVIDIA for organizing workshop and execute Projects
  4. Collaboration with ABB for R and D activities
  5. Collaboration with Wizergos Software Solutions Private Limited for training and consultancy

Invited talks and Training

  1. Resource person for the Faculty Development Programme on “Frontiers in Computational Sciences” organized by Atria Institute of Technology, Department of CSE, from  18-04-2022 TO 22-04-2022.(19-04-2022)
  2. Resource person for Five Days Online Faculty Development Program on the "Emerging trends in Data Analytics" from 10th to 14th May 2021 organized by BMS Institute of Technology.
  3. Resource person for Training on “Python Programming and Machine Learning” Organized by Material Advantage RVCE Student Chapter on 19/11/2021, 20/11/2021, 26/11/2021 and 27/11/2021.
  4. Resource person for AICTE-ISTE sponsored one week Induction Programme on “Design Thinking to Augment 21st Century Skills” organized by Master of Computer Applications, RV College of Engineering on 10/12/2021.
  5. Resource person for Internship program on “Visual Computing” organized by department of ISE, RV College of Engineering on 1/09/2021 and 2/09/2021.
  6. Resource person for Internship program on “Intelligent Systems” organized by Centre of excellence in IoT, RV College of Engineering on 13/09/2021.
  7. Delivered a Talk in AICTE sponsored FDP on “Accreditation Process – NBA with a focus on Active Learning” as part of Share & Mentor Institutions (Margdarshan) Scheme organized from 17-21, October 2022.
  8. Resource person for one day workshop on Outcome Based Education on 14th July 2022 at Dayananda Sagar University.
  9. Resource person for the workshop on “Course Outcomes & Mappings” on 04/05/2021 & 08/05/2021 at Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad.
  10. Resource person for the workshop on "Reframing of COs-POs “organized by Quality Assessment & Skill development center of New Horizon college of Engineering on 28/9/2021.
  11. Resource person for NBA Criteria 3 presentation and discussion at Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering on 11th feb 2021
  12. Resource person in AICTE sponsored STTP on “An Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and Its Applications for Smart Transparent and Immutable Ecosystem” organized by department of CSE, Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida held from 17th- 22nd August 2020.
  13. Delivered a talk on “Python Programming and Applications” for RVCE research Scholars on 10/10/2020.
  14. Resource person for “Online Faculty development Program for CO-PO attainment” organized for faculty of PG centres at VTU Belagavi, Kalaburgi, Mysuru and Muddenahalli on 12/5/2020 and 15/5/2020.
  15. Resource person for Five days workshop on "OBE and Accreditation Process", under AICTE Share & Mentor Institutions (Margdarshan) Scheme, GM Institute of Technology, Davanagere on 23 and 24th January 2020.
  16. Online faculty training on " OBE and Program outcome attainment Process”, Dayananda  Sagar College of Engineering on 24th May  2020.
  17. Resource person for training Professionals from TE connectivity on” IIoT with Python Programming” on May 6 th & 7 th , 2019 and May 30th ,31st& June 1st 2019
  18. Trained RVCE,  MCA students for completing certification  course on ”Deep Learning for Computer vision applications” from NVIDIA DLI.
  19. Resource person for training students from KS School of Engineering and Management on ” Image processing, Deep learning and Cloud services” on: 19th and 24th July 2019.
  20. Delivered a talk on “Deep Learning “ on 29th Jan 2019  as part of five day FDP on “Data Analytics-A Practical Approach” organized from 27th -31st Jan 2020 at BMS Institute of Technology.
  21. Delivered a talk at Bangalore Institute of Technology on “Importance of OBE, Role, Attitude and commitment of faculties in NBA Process” on 22/12/2016.
  22. Delivered a talk at BMS College of Engineering on “Virtualization Types and Migration” on 05/5/2016
  23. Delivered a talk at R V College of Engineering on “Parallel programming on CPU and GPU” on 28/07/2016
  24. Delivered a talk on CO-PO Attainment at department of Biotechnology, RVCE.


  • Second Rank in M.Tech, (CNE) –Visvesvaraya Technological University , Belgaum.
  • Recognized as NVIDIA DLI University Ambassador.
  • Received Travel grant from HiPC 2017 for attending 24th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data and Analytics held at Jaipur.

Certification Courses Completed

  1. NPTEL FDP  on “Understanding Design Thinking and People Centred Design“
  2. NPTEL FDP    on  “Design Thinking - A Primer“
  3. NPTEL course on  “Python for Datascience”.
  4. UDEMY Course on “Python Image Processing with Scikit –image”.
  5. Coursera course on “AI for everyone”.
  6. Coursera course on” Neural Networks and Deep learning”.
  7. Coursera course on “Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization”. 
  8. NVIDIA DLI course on Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision.
  9. Nvidia DLI Platform Course for Instructors
  10. Coursera course on “Machine Learning”.
  11. UDACITY Nano degree foundation course on “ Deep Learning “.
  12. NPTEL course on “Deep Learning for Visual Computing”
  13. Coursera course on “Structuring Machine Learning Projects”
  14. Nvidia DLI course on “Image Classification with DIGITS, Object Detection with DIGITS”
  15. Nvidia DLI course on “Fundamentals of Deep Learning”
  16. Coursera course on “Convolutional Neural Networks”
  17. Coursera course on “Sequence Models”
  18. Completed coursera Specialization on "Deep Learning" (5 Courses)