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Faculty Members



 Area of Specialization

Email address

Dr. Vinod Kallur

Associate Professor and Head

 Computational Chemical Engineering

Dr. R Suresh

Professor and Associate Dean

Transfer operations, Clean & Sustainable Technology, Nanomaterials

Dr. D Ranganath

Associate Professor and Dean Placement

 Herbal Drug molecules

Dr. Jagadish H Patil

 Associate Professor

Bio-methanation of Organic wastes, Chemical Plant Design

Dr. Basavaraja R J

 Associate Professor

 Energy, Combustion, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr. P L Muralidhara

 Assistant Professor

 Petroleum Processing & Technology, Chemical Equipment Design

Dr. Vidya C

 Assistant Professor

Nanobiotechnology, Chemical Thermodynamics, Reaction Engineering

Dr.Rajalakshmi Mudbidre

 Assistant Professor

Fate and Transport of Chemicals, Membrane Technology, Environmental Technology

Dr. Manjula Sarode

 Assistant Professor

Separation Technology, Unit Operations

Dr. Ujwal Shreenag Meda

 Assistant Professor

Process and Product Design, Bulk Solids Handling, Alternate Fuels and Fuel Cells

Anupama V. Joshi

 Assistant Professor

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Chemical Process Design

Vinutha Moses

Assistant Professor

Polymer composites, Bioremediation