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Department has sufficient class rooms and most of them are equipped with multimedia projectors. Department also has Virtual class room & Seminar Hall. There are a number of tutorial rooms. There are ten well equipped laboratories.

Department Library:

The library is equipped with 2500 books, journals and student project reports, for quick reference for both students and staff. Library has floor area of 77 Sqm with seating capacity of 20.

Laboratories with UPS support:

P.G Communication Lab (54.28 Sq.m)

Analog Circuits Lab (Area:114 Sq m)

P.G Advanced Communication  Lab (Area: 114 Sq.m.)

VLSI Lab ( Texas Instruments Lab )(Area: 70 Sq.m.) CCN/VHDL Lab (NXP Semiconductor Lab) (Area: 70 Sq.m.)

Advanced Microprocessor/Controller Lab (Area:99 Sq.m)

(Free Scale Semiconductors Lab)

Digital Circuits  Lab (Area:114 Sq.m)

(Intel Intelligent Systems Lab)

Class room EE202 (Area:107 Sq.m.)

Class room EC005 (Area: 91 Sq.m.)

Class Room Number Area in Sq.m
EC103 92
EC108 116
EC109 59
EC110 68
EC203 72
EC204 47
EC217 93
EC218 80
EC219 80
EC220 80
EC221 80
EE215 115
EE203 129
EE202 107
EC005 91
EC202 (Seminar Hall) 138


Major Equipment and Software Tools available in various Laboratories:

  • Spectrum Analyzer, Microstrip Antenna,  Tektronics Digital CROs, Curve Tracer, Microwave bench, Fiber Optics Kits, Advanced Function and random signal Generators, Pulse Generators, LCR meter, Frequency meter, Modulation meter, Power meter.
  • Printers and plotters, UMAX Scanners, 8031/51Micro-controller kits with interfaces, , LCD Projector, OHP, Logic Analyzer, Analog CRO, 4 channel power scope.
  • Software Tool Available:Universal VLSI Trainer Kit With Power Supply & Max 3000 CPLD – Accessories, ALTERA EP20K 100TC 144-3 FPGA Device + Quartus II and MAX Plus II Software Tool, Xilinx FPGA Trainer Kits with interface module, Modelsim Software , Cadance Software Full suite, VX Works, Silvaco TCAD Software, feko, Synopsys EDA tools.
  • Data Communication Trainer, LAN Trainer Kits DSP C6713, C5416 kits, NXP LPC Board, Beagle Board, Intel Atom processor, MSP 430 Microcontroller, TI Analog System Kit, Freescale Kits
  • Server: Blade Server IBM, 9965 Xeon processor, 300 GB HDD, 10 GB RAM, External storage capacity: 1 TB, HPML 350 G4PX3 4GHz, Intel Xeon E5506,Computers Pentium  4 2.8 GHz with Internet facility

Facilities provided:
Facilities for Students:

  1. IEEE Student Chapter for Technical activities
  2. Sponsorship for Projects and Research 
  3. Well Stocked Departmental Library
  4. Internet Facility for Browsing Technical Journals
  5. Hard copies of Online Journals
  6. Sponsorship from Various Organizations for projects

Facilities for Faculty:

  1. Sponsorship to all research activities including foreign travel
  2. Medical Insurance 
  3. Well Stocked Department Library
  4. Internet Facility with Wifi connectivity
  5. Hard copies of online Journals
  6. Study / Sabbatical leave for higher studies / industrial training
  7. Maternity leave
  8. Bus facility
  9. Work load reduction for faculty pursuing PhD