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Dr. Vinod A. R

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Associate Professor
Educational Qualification BE , M.Tech , PhD

Teaching: 18 Years

Research : 4 Years

Area of Interest

Water and wastewater Treatment [Environmental Engineering]

Email ID

List of Publications:

Natinal / International Conference:

  1. R.M.Mahalingegowda, B.G.Mahendra, A.R.Vinod, A.T.Prasanna, "Recovery of metals from waste sludge of printed circuit board manufacturing industry". Proceedings of ENVIRO-2001. National conference on Control of Industrial and Environmental Degradation , PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. India
  2. A.R.Vinod, R.M.Mahalingegowda. "Pilot plant study on performance evaluation of fixed film process over activated sludge process". National Conference on Green Technologies, 4-5 April, 2012, Organized by Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
  3. A.R.Vinod, R.M. Mahalingegowda. "Comparative studies on Treatment of Wastewater using two different continuous Flow Fixed bed Reactors". International Conference on Current trends in Engineering and Management, held at Mysore, from July-12th -14th 2012.
  4. A.R.Vinod, R.M. Mahalingegowda."Performance Evaluation Studies of Two Continuous flow Fixed Bed Filters for Wastewater Treatment". National Conference on Industrial Pollution and control Technology (IPACT-2013) , March 14th-15th , 2013, Organized by Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology , Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Tamil Nadu.
  5. A.R.Vinod, R.M. Mahalingegowda. 'Treatability studies of selective packing medias for sewage treatment'. International Conference on Current trends in Engineering and Management(ICCTEM), held at VVCE, Mysore, from July-17th -19th 2014.

International Journals:

  1. A.R.Vinod, R.M.Mahalingegowda. "Treatment of wastewater using different fixed beds- A Pilot Plant study". Nature Environment and Pollution Technology. ( vol11,No.1,pp163-166, March-2012).
  2. A.R.Vinod, R.M.Mahalingegowda. "Applicability studies of Reactor filled with Coffee Husk blended with wooden chips as a fixed bed for the treatment of wastewater". Nature Environment and pollution Technology . (Vol.11,No.3, pp.415-418,September- 2012).
  3. A.R.Vinod, Dr.R.M.Mahalingegowda,. "Studies on natural fibrous materials as submerged aerated beds for wastewater treatment". Elixir online International Journal (Elixir Pollution 51(2012),1079-10762).
  4. A.R.Vinod, Dr.R.M.Mahalingegowda. " Performance Evaluation Studies of two Continuous flow Fixed Bed Filters for Wastewater Treatment". International Journal of Chem Tech Research(online). Vol.5., NO.3., pp 1113-1118, April-June 2013.
  5. G.R.Shivakumaraswamy, R.M.Mahalingegowda, A.R.Vinod. "Domestic wastewater treatment in reactors filled with areca husk fiber and pebble bed". Elixir online Internataional Journal (57 (2013), 1406414066).
  6. A.R.Vinod, R.M. Mahalingegowda. " A Study on suitability of selected fibrous packing media for sewage treatment". Journal of International Academic Research for multidisciplinary (ISSN:2320-5083, Volulme 2, Issue 2, March 2014.)
  7. A.R.Vinod, R.M.Mahalingegowda. "Treatability studies of selective Fibrous packing Medias for sewage Treatment". International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET). (ISSN 0976- 6308 (print) ISSN 0976-6316 (online). Volume 5, Issue 9, September (2014), pp.65-71

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