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Dr. K. Madhavi

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Dr. K. Madhavi


Assistant Professor


B.E (Civil Engineering), M.Tech (Structural Engineering),  PhD - VTU


Teaching: 17 Years

Areas of Interest

Structural Masonry, Alternative Building Materials

Date of Joining RVCE

19th Feb 2007


Projects Guided

Number of UG projects guided: 08

Number of PG projects guided: 10


National Journal: 01

International Journals: 08

International Conferences: 02

List of International Journals publications

  1. K Madhavi, Harshith.V.V, Gangadhar M, V.Chethan Kumar,T. Raghavendra,”External strengthening of concrete with natural and synthetic fiber composites”,Materials today Proceedings ,Vol 38,Part 5, Pg: 2803-2809,2021.

  2. K.Madhavi G.N.Vinay M.V.Renuka Devi S.M.Basutkar ,”Shear behavior of brick masonry strengthened with jute fiber reinforced composite”, Materialstoday:Proceedings, Vol 46,Part 10, Pg: 4746-4751,2021.

  3. Salman Khaleel K.Madhavi S.M.Basutkar,” Mechanical characteristics of brick masonry using natural fiber composites”, Materialstoday:Proceedings,Vol 46,Part10,Pg: 4817-4824, 2021.

  4. H R Priyanka, Madhavi K,”A Review on Textile Reinforced Mortar and Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites for Structural Applications”,i-manager's Journal on Civil Engineering, 10(2), 34-46.,2020

  5. Madhavi.K, Renukadevi.M.V, Prafulkumar.H, “Analysis of Composite Behavior of Masonry Wall and Supporting Beam”, Journal of Structural Engineering and Management,Vol.3,Issue2,Pp20-28.

  6. K.Madhavi, M.V.Renuka Devi, K.S.Jagadish,” Split Tensile Strength of Brick Masonry”, International Journal of Civil Engineering (IJCE), ISSN (E): 2278-9995 Vol. 6, Issue 6, Oct 2017; pg 1-8.

  7. Seham Khaleel, Madhavi.K, M.V.Renukadevi, K.S.Jagadish,Somanath.M.Basutkar "Shear strength of brick masonry walls with and without openings" International journal of Civil Engineering and Applications Vol.3 No.3,2013.PP 24-27.
  8. Syed Farooquddin, Renuka Devi M.V, K.Madhavi ,S.Manjunath "Lateral Stiffness of Infilled frame with door &window openings for varying modulus of masonry"International journal of advanced Engineering technology,Vol.III,Issue IV,Oct-Dec 2012,pp 123-125. 

List of National Journals publications

  1. Puneeth, Rathansingh, Sandeep, Vinay Kumar, K.Madhavi “Studies on the Strength of Plastered Brick Masonry Prisms” Journal of Civil and Construction Engineering, Vol 2, Issue 1, Page:1-11

List of International Conference publications

  1. Madhavi.K, M.V.Renukadevi, K.S.Jagadish “State of Art Report on Behavior of Masonry under lateral in-Plane loads”, International Conference on “Innovations and Advances in Civil Engineering towards Green and Sustainable Systems (INACES-2014) on 28th -30thApril, 2014 Organized by Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.
  2. Pramod P S, Madhavi.K, M.V.Renukadevi, K.S.Jagadish”Stiffness of Brick Masonry walls with Openings”, International conference on Sustainable civil Infrastructure(ICSCI)2014”on 17th-18th October 2014, Organized by Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

Book Chapter:

  1. K. Madhavi, M. V. Renuka devi, K. S. Jagadish, and S. M. Basutkar, Shear Bond Strength of Brick Masonry  Book Chapter in Advances in Geotechniques and structural Engineering Lecture notes in Civil Engineering, Volume 143. Published by Springer.
  2. Translated files of NPTEL Online course on Structural Dynamics for Civil Engineers - SDOF systems (105104189) offered by IIT Kanpur in Telugu Language. No of hours translated-3.75hrs

Funded Projects

Co-Principal investigator for the research project entitled “Behaviour of brick masonry subjected to lateral in-plane shear forces”, under Research promotion scheme (RPS) of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) with a grant of  Rs 8 Lakhs for a period of 2 years.

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