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UG Program is NBA accredited for three years in 2016. Ten faculty members have been awarded PhD by various universities for their research work in the areas of fracture mechanics, Watershed Management, Environmental Engg, GIS & Remote Sensing Applications, among them two PhD's are from R&D centre, Civil Engg Dept., RVCE. The Department is involved in various funded projects funded by KPMG,VTU, AICTE, Department of panchayat raj, HUDCO etc.

Nineteen Faculty members are pursuing PhD under various universities and among them ten faculty members are pursuing in the R&D Centre, Civil Engg Department, RVCE. Also  external candidates have registered for MSc Research.

The Indian Concerte Institute (ICI) student chapter, Department of Civil Engineering, has consecutively won the best student chapter of Karnataka for the years 2016 and 2017.

Faculty Achievements :

  1. Dr. T. Raghavendra: Award for Research Publications (ARP) by VISION GROUP ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (VGST), Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S & T, Government of Karnataka (2020-2021); Scheme: Awards for Research Publications (ARP); Total Amount: Rs.25,000/- (One-time grant); Subject Name: Civil Engineering; Date of announcement: 17/08/2021 at

  2. Dr. T. Raghavendra: ICI (BC) – UltraTech Endowment Award For Best Doctoral Thesis in Civil Engineering – 2018-Jury Appreciation by Indian Concrete Institute, Bengaluru Centre & UltraTech Cement Limited, Bengaluru

  3. Dr. T. Raghavendra: Young Researcher Award – 2018 by ISTE - RVCE CHAPTER

  4. The Faculty members have publications of 91 in International Journals, 22 in National Journals, 98 in International Conference proceedings and 63 in National Conference/Seminars/ Symposium proceedings in the last five years.The publications are  in areas of Watershed management, Fracture mechanics, Alternative building materials, Environmental Engg, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Masonry,Remote sensing&GIS and controlled low strength Materials.
  5. The Faculty members have been recipients of best paper publication, best scientist and excellence in teaching from various organizations.
  6. Dr. R.Ravindra is awarded Sir M V Award for research in Structural stability by A M C College of Engineering, NSRS 2017

Books Published:

  1. Raghavendra T, Jawad Fayaz, Gurunandan M and Vageesh H P “20 - Application of fly ash in flowable fills and self-compacting concretes”, Editor(s): Kamal K. Kar,

    Handbook of Fly Ash, (Elsevier Imprint) Butterworth-Heinemann, 2022, Pages 611-656,

    ISBN: 9780128176863, (

  2. Dr. M. S. Nagakumar, Co-Authors: Dr Vijayakumar H, Dr. Prakash K. E., Dr. Sakey Shamu published a book titled Design of Steel Structures by LSM. Publisher: MEDTECH, A Division of Scientific International, ISBN No. 978-93-88716-59-8, Year: Jan 2020.

  3. Ashwin M. Joshi, S. M. Basutkar and K. S. Jagadish- “Sustainable Materials in Building Construction. Building Pathology and Rehabilitation” Springer Nature, Print ISBN 978-3-030-46799-9 Online ISBN- 978-3-030-46800-2.

  4. Eshwari, S. K., Chandrashekar, G. J., Maaz, A., Mohith, N., Manjunath, T. N., & Raghavendra, T (2017) “Experimental Studies on Effects of Steel Studs in Composite Slabs” In International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure 2017 (pp. 213-224)., Published online: October 24, 2017, © 2017 American Society of Civil Engineers.
  5. Reliability Analysis and Design for civil Engineers By Dr. Devraj V. and Dr. Ravindra R, I.k.International Publishing house Pvt Ltd, New Delhi,2016.

  6. Dr Anjeneyappa prepared Manual for Citizen monitoring of PMGSY Roads, 2016.

  7.  Dr. Udayashankar B C & Raghavendra T (2014) contributed a chapter “Proportioning Controlled Low Strength Materials Using Fly Ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag” in Advances in Materials Science for Environmental and Energy Technologies III: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 250 (eds T. Ohji, J. Matyáš, N. J. Manjooran, G. Pickrell and A. Jitianu), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA. doi: 10.1002/9781118996652.ch2

  8.  Dr Radhakrishna Contributed a Chapter for Text book on” Eco-efficient Masonry Bricks and Blocks; Design, Properties and Durability“  Elsevier Woodhead publishers, UK, 2014.


Sl. No

Patent details



1  A Method and System to Enhance the Properties of Cementitious Product

Dr. Ujwal Shreenag Meda

Dr. Radhakrishna

Mr. Sachin K C

Application No: 202141015076

Dated: 31-03-2021

(Published Online)

2 "Stabilization of the earth for construction with a stabilizer"

Dr. M S Nagakumar,

Sunderasha Rao,

Pradeep C P

Application No: 201741039721

Dated: 08-11-2017

(Published Online)


“Waste plastic incorporated fiber reinforced polymer bars”

Jawad Fayaz, Adarsh C Y,

Dr T Raghavendra,

Dr K Natarajan,  Dr B C Udayashankar.


PATENT NO. 354719

4 “Controlled Low Strength Material composition for construction and maintenance of pavements”

Dr T. Raghavendra , 

Dr B.C. Udayashankar,

Y H Siddanagowda.

Application No: 201641012935

Dated 13-04-2016

(Published Online)

5 “Methods and system for preparing a plasticizer from rain tree pods”

Dr R. Ravindra,  Dr Raviraj A Kusanur

Vinutha Bai N, Bhagyashree F Kategeri,

AkhilInfant, Ankit sharma

Application No: 201641019570

Dated 07-06-2016

(Published Online)

6 "Changes In Metal Leaching From Coal Fly Ash During Wet Storage & Reuse" Shiva Prasad H
Shashi Kiran C R
Ashwin Thammaiah K
Ravi Kiran S Wali
Shruthi H G
Gowtham Prasad M E
Rashmi Khambenour
Mallikarjun S Dengi

Application No: 202241002935

Dated 04-02-2022

(Published Online)


  • Mrs. K Gajalakshmi, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, has been awarded  BEST PAPER Award for “Hydrogeomorphology Based Land-Use Planning For Sustainable Development Of Hard Rock Terrain Region Of Karnataka” from ANDALAS UNIVERSITY, Padang INDONESIA.
  • Dr. Radhakrishna was awarded “Best Academician & Researcher 2016 award” by Association of Consulting Civil Engineers,  Indian Concrete Institute & Jain University on 05.04.2016.
  • Dr. B C Udayashankar was awarded “Best Academician & Researcher 2016 award” by Association of Consulting Civil Engineers, Indian Concrete Institute & Jain University on 05.04.2016
  • Mrs.Lokeshwari M, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, has been awarded Icon SWM 2015 Excellent paper award in the 5th International Conference on Solid waste management, Icon SWM 2015, at Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru. November 24-27, 2015.
  • Mrs.Lokeshwari M, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, has been awarded Best paper award at National Conference on Futuristic technology in Civil Engineering for sustainable development” conducted by SJB Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. 9th May 2015.
  • Mrs.Lokeshwari M, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, has been awarded Icon SWM 2014 Excellence Award in the 4th International Conference on Solid waste management, Icon SWM 2014, at N.G.Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad. Organised by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, C&DMA, India, Centre For Quality Management System, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and International Society of Waste Management, Air and Water. January 28-30, 2014.
  • Ms.Lokeshwari.M has been awarded Young Researcher award by ISTE-RVCE chapter on occasion of Teachers Day-2013
  • Ms.Lokeshwari.M has been awarded Young Environmentalist Award in the International Congress of Environmental Research – ICER 2012, at University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia.
  • Dr. M.V.Renukadevi has been awarded Best Young Teacher by ISTE, RVCE Chapter 2011.
  • Dr.Radhakrishna has been awarded as “BEST SCIENTIST” for the technical paper at 4th KannnadaVijnanaSammelana,Belgaum organized by VTU.