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Dr. Raviraj Kusanur

 Associate Professor & HOD
 Qualification  M.Sc., Ph.D.
 Experience  Teaching:  6.5 Years, Industrial: 9.5 Years, Research : 5.0 Years
 Area of Interest  Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Organic materials  synthesis
 Date of Joining RVCE    09.04.2012
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Project Guided:

  Number of PG projects guided : 02


           National Journals 03
           National Conferece 05
           International Journals 21
           International Conferences  02

  List of National Journals publications:

        1. R M Melawanki, N, R Patil, R A Kusanur, Steady state and time resolved methods of fluorescence quenching of three coumarin dyes using S-V plots. Indian Journal of    pure and applied physics 49,748-753, 2011.

List of International Journals publications:

  1. Koppal, V. V., Melavanki, R. M., Kusanur, R. A., Patil, N. R. Understanding fluorescence resonance energy transfer between biologically active coumarin derivative and silver nanoparticles using steady state and time resolved spectroscopic methods. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 269, 381-386, 2018.

  2. Koppal, V. V., Melavanki, R. M., Kusanur, R. A., Patil, N. R., Bimolecular fluorescence quenching reactions of the biologically active coumarin composite 2‐acetyl‐3H‐benzo [f] chromen‐3‐one in different solvents. Luminescence,, 2018.

  3. N. R. Patil, R. A. Kusanur, V. V. Koppal, R. M. Melavanki, P. Bhavya, A role of solvent polarity on bimolecular quenching reactions of 3-acetyl-7-(diethylamino)-2H-chromen-2-one in binary solvent mixtures, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 260, 221-228, 2018.

  4. Effect of viscosity and dielectric constant variation on fractional fluorescence quenching analysis of coumarin dye in binary solvent mixtures, P. Bhavya, Raveendra Melavanki, Raviraj Kusanur, Kalpana Sharma, V. T. Muttannavar , L. R. Naik, Luminescence, 33(5), 933-940, 2018.

  5. RM Melavanki, Raviraj A Kusanur, D Nagaraja, "Binding of boronic acids with sugars in aqueous solution at physiological pH - Estimation of association and dissociation constants using spectroscopic method", Journal of Molecular Liquids, 227, 37–43, 2017.
  6. H. S. Geethanjali, R. M. Melavanki, D. Nagaraja, N. R. Patil, R. A. Kusanur. "Specific interactions of alcohols and non-alcohols with a biologically active boronic acid derivative: a spectroscopic study", Journal of Luminescence, 31(5),1046–1053, 2016.
  7. H.S. Geethanjali, D.Nagaraja, R.M.Melavanki, R.A.Kusanur Fluorescence quenching of boronic acid derivatives by aniline in alcohols – A Negative deviation from Stern–Volmer equation. Journal of Luminescence 167, 216–221, 2015.
  8. S.S. Patil , G.V. Muddapur , N.R. Patil, R.A. Kusanur R.M. Melavanki, Fluorescence characteristics of aryl boronic acid derivate (PBA), Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 138, 85–91, 2015.
  9. D Nagaraja, R M Melavanki, N R Patil, R A Kusanur, Solvent effect on the relative quantum yield and fluorescence quenching of a newly synthesized coumarin derivative. Luminescence, Aug 2014, DOI 10.1002/bio.2766.
  10. Raviraj A Kusanur, Manohar V Kulkarni, A Novel Route for the Synthesis of Racemic 4-(Coumaryl) Alanines and Their Antimicrobial ActivityAsian Journal of Cheimistry, Vol. 26, No. 4, 1077-1080, 2014.
  11. D Nagaraja, R M Melavanki, N R Patil, R A Kusanur Solvent effect on the relative quantum yield and fluorescence quenching of 2DAM. SpectrochimicaActa Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 03/2014; 130C:122-128
  12. N. R. Patil, Shivaram N. Patil, R.A. Kusanur, R.M. Melavanki, Photophysical characteristics of two novel coumarin derivatives: Experimental and theoretical estimation of dipole moments by Solvatochromic shift method. Canadian Journal of Physics 02/2014
  13. N.R. Patil, S. N. Patil, R.A. Kusanur, R.M. Melavanki. Spectroscopic properties and estimation of ground and excited state dipole moments of biologically active fluorescent molecule from absorption and emission spectra. International Journal of Life Science and Pharma Research. 01/2014; 4(1):L- 11 to L-20
  14. D. Nagaraja, R.M. Melavanki, N.R. Patil, R.A. Kusanur, J. Thipperudrappa, Quenching of the excitation energy of coumarin dyes by aniline,  Can. J. Phys. 91: 976–980 (2013)
  15. R M Melavanki, N R Patil, R A Kusanur, D Nagaraja.,Solvent effect on fluorescence quenching of biologically active 6-methoxy-4-azidomethyl coumarin by aniline in different solvents. Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics Vol. 51, April 2013.
  16. Raviraj A Kusanur, Mahesh R, Synthesis and anti-microbial study of 4-Oxadiazolyl indazoles. International Journal of life and Pharma Research Vol 3/Issue 2/Apr-Jun 2013, ISSN 2250-0480.
  17. J. Thipperudrappa, R. M. Melavanki, Raviraj A Kusanur, Quenching of the Fluorescence of a Coumarin Derivative by Aromatic Amines.  Journal of Engineering, Computers & Applied Sciences (JEC&AS) ISSN No: 2319-5606 Volume 1, No.3, December 2012.
  18. D. Nagaraja, N.R. Patil, Raviraj.A.Kusanur, H.D. Patil, R. M. Melavanki. Photo physical properties of two coumarin derivatives using solvatochromic shift method. International Journal of life and Pharma Research Vol 3/Issue 1/Jan-Mar 2013 ISSN 2250-0480.
  19. D. Nagaraja, N.R. Patil, Raviraj.A.Kusanur, H.D. Patil, R. M. Melavanki Estimation of Ground and Excited State Dipole Moments of Coumarin Derivatives by SolvatochromicMethod. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 12,  ISSN 23250-315, December 2012.
  20. Raveendra M. Melavanki, Raviraj A. Kusanur, Jagadish S. Kadadevaramath, Manohar V. Kulkarni, Effect of Solvent Polarity on the Fluorescence Quenchingof Biologically Active  5BAMC by Aniline in Binary Solvent Mixtures.  J Fluoresc  DOI 10.1007/s10895-010-0664-7, Apr-2010.
  21. Raviraj A. Kusanur, Manohar V. Kulkarni, Geetha M. Kulkarni. Tayur N. Guru Rao, Chung-Ming Sun,Unusual Anisotropic Effects from 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadducts of 4-Azidomethyl  Coumarin.  Journal of heterocyclic chemistry, 47, 91-97, 2010.

List of International Conference publications:

  • Presented a paper “Solvent effect on absorption and Fluorescence spectra of 3MPBA: Evaluation of ground and excited state dipole moment”. In 5th international conference on Luminescence and its Application (ICLA 2015) During February 9-12, 2015.


  • Received Gold Medal for securing first rank in M.Sc (Chemistry)


  • Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase Inhibitors (WO/2010/115736)
  • DHODH Inhibitors (IPCT/EP2010/054034)
  • DHODH Inhibitors (US2012/0028959)