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Faculty Achievements

Faculty of the department completed funded projects from various funding agencies with Rs. more than 5 crores.

  1. Dr. M. A. Lourdu Anthony Raj has successfully completed two funded projects by Naval Research Board.
  2. Dr. Vinod Kallur has successfully completed one funded project sponsored by Naval Research Board.
  3. Dr. R. Suresh has successfully completed four projects funded by (AICTE, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Naval Research Board, CTI BHEL) as Principal Investigator and one funded project (DST) as Co-investigator.
  4. Dr. Rajalakshmi M. has been awarded a grant of Rs. 27 lakhs under the National Uranium Project, Phase-II by the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences
  5. Dr. A.R. Phani, Director, INM Technologies, and Adjunct Professor, R.V.C.E. has guided and employed interns from the department.
  6. Dr Basavaraja R J obtained PhD from IIT Chennai in 2015(Title:Future Ready Design of a High Efficiency Gas Fired Power Plant based on Chemical Looping Combustion)
  7. Dr Vinod Kallur obtained PhD from VTU, Belagavi in 2015 (Title: Generic modeling of reactors)
  8. Dr P L Muralidhara obtained PhD from VTU, Belagavi in 2015 (Title: Lube oil studies)
  9. Dr. Basavaraja R J was honored by RVCE for Academic and research contribution during the academic year 2015-16

Students Achievements

Graduating class - PG

Mr. Joseph Amruthraj (Class of 2016) secured the winning position on 18 Mar 2015, and third position on 21 Mar 2014, in Intercollegiate Softball, both at SJM Institute of Technology, Chiradurga.

Graduating class - UG

  1. Two students from the class of 2016: Ms. Poornima Ramamohan (rank 58, score 745, 99.6 percentile);
  2. Mr. Suddhadeep Sarkar (rank 825, score 505, 94.8 percentilequalified for postgraduate admission to MHRD and CSIR institutes at the national level through GATE 2016
  3. Mr. Asheesh Padiyar and Mr. K. Prateek Kumar (Class of 2017) assisted by Mr. Vikram (Class of 2017) won the "GO GREEN" cash award for design and fabrication of a catalytic converter for the Team Helios car Ashwa of RVCE at the racing event of BAJA SAE INDIA 2016, Indore, Feb 2016.
  4. .Ms. Neha Agarwal (Class of 2016) won the first place in Manual Robotics at "Shaastra", I.I.T. Madras in 2015.
  5. Mr. Ashwanth Subramanian (Class of 2016) participated in the “Outreach” Summer Internship program in the Chemical Engineering department, I.I.Sc. Bangalore from 18 May to 23 Jul 2015.He also interned with Michelin India Tamilnadu Tyres Pvt. Ltd. from 4 Jul to 1 Aug 2014.
  6. Department jointly organized Two days conference on “Advances in Research & Development and Dissemination of Interdisciplinary Developments for Sustainability” from 25th to27th April 2015 under TEQIP-II Initiative
  7. Department organized a seminar on “Softwares in Chemical Engineering” on 29th January2015, by Mr Ashish Kumar Saroj, Managing Director, XPLOCC Technologies LLP, Bengaluru
  8. One of our alumni passed out in 2017 has successfully executed her final year project into a start up called Trashcon. Trashcon deals with municipal waste segregation and recycling solution. The startup has been granted 50 lakhs worth investment support by Govt. of Karnataka under ‘Elevate 100’, 2017 and is being incubated at IIM, Bangalore.
  9. Final year project work on segregation of ‘muncipal solid waste’ secured first place in Best final year project category and presentation category in Shrishti 2017.
  10. Two patents filed that had evolved out of students\faculty projects
  11. Two students have been offered to execute their final semester projects in Department/University USA


Graduated class

Sl.No. Name & Address Year & Branch Register Number Event
01 Sumedha Bhat V Sem Chemical Engineering 1RV14CH036 Knowledge associate at scholars forchange campaign at IIM
02 Sagar Y.R VII Sem Chemical Engineering 1RV14CH407 Ball Badminton,VTU tournament secured first
03 Sourodipto Modak VII Sem Chemical Engineering 1RV13CH034 Participated inR10+22 UN sustaianble Energy organized by United Nations and has been awarded "B Grade" May 2015
04 B.Manohar VII Sem Chemical Engineering 1RV13CH007 Awarded with best president award-Institute based Rotract club for the year 2015-16

Gururaj Daptardar

VII sem Chemical Engineering


Served as the Director of Community Services ofRotaract Club of RVCE for the year 2015-16.

R M Nivedha

VII sem Chemical Engineering


irst place in Essay Writing Competition held by AICTEin November 2015Participated in World Solar Challenge 2015 held inAustralia, (October 2015)Best Woman Student Award by Accenture in March2016DDG, Karnataka and Goa Directorate CommendationAward in March 2016
07 Aakash Agarwal VII Sem Chemical Engineering 1RV13CH001 Certificate of Appreciation as Coordinator for an Event as Part of Rev'd UPE-Cell Certificate of Appreciation as a Core Team MemberParticipation in a Debate Competition in JSS Academy of Technical EducationCertificate of Excellence in a short term Course study in Sustainable EnergyIn-Plant Summer Training in Himadri Chemicals and Industries LtdCertificate of Completion for Global leadership ExperienceCertificate of Appreciation for CISCO E-Summit
08 Smruthi BS   1RV13CH033 Placed in Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
09 Maithri Uppalur   1RV13CH016 Placed in Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
10 Varun Gupta   1RV13CH040 placed in Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
11 Vikram   1RV13CH041 Placed in Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

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