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Center of Excellence in computational genomics

Centre of Excellence Computational Genomics

Centre of Excellence in Computational genomics was set up in January 2019 under the able research leadership of Dr. Vidya Niranjan, Head of Department, Department of Biotechnology RVCE.


To frame a robust facility in computational biology to provide efficient solutions to research community.


  1. To provide skill development training to students leading to enhanced research ability.

  2. An integrated base to provide solution in agriculture and healthcare research sectors.

Scientific Objectives:

  • Fundamental research

  • Applied research and technology transfer

  • Knowledge transfer for students

  • For companies and industries– Assessments & Consultancy

  • For scientific community- publications in scientific journals

  • Conducting workshops

Thematic Areas of Research


  • Whole genome analysis

  • RNA -seq Analysis

  • Functional Metagenomics

Drug Design and Informatics

  • Receptor and Ligand Based drug design

  • Steered molecular dynamics

  • Trans membrane simulations

  • QSAR studies

Funded Projects:

Collaboration Amount (in Lakhs) Funding Agency
CSRTI, Mysuru 67.42 DBT
Network Project 968.60 DBT
GKVK, UAS, Bengaluru 37.58 DBT

Partner Agencies