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Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Updated on 14.02.2022

AI and ML technologies increasingly find their way into everything from advanced quantum computing systems and leading-edge medical diagnostic systems to consumer electronics and intelligent personal assistants. Today’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been transforming into utilities with AI and ML capabilities. Adopting AI & ML in core sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, education and skilling, governance, energy, automotive, banking and finance, infrastructure, and manufacturing has increased demand for engineers with specialized knowledge and expertise in AI & ML.

The accelerated industrial transformation is an outcome of the advent of Artificial Intelligence in industries. AI-based engineering solutions empower humans to perform better in complex and critical situations which require judgment and creative thinking. In the coming years, many roles across organizations will need at least some artificial intelligence technologies, creating massive new opportunities for the AI-savvy regardless of discipline.

The new generation industries have started leveraging the AI & ML technologies for operations revamp, achieving production scalability and quality, boosting worker efficiency, and creating new avenues for customer connectivity. The hype of Internet-of-Things (IoT), Big data analytics, and Cloud Computing technologies have been anchorage effectively by deploying intelligence across production and supply chain leading to the ‘Connected Intelligence’ paradigm.

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