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Dr. Ravindra S Kulkarni

Dr. R.S.Kulkarni , Professor and Head    
Educational Qualification Ph.D, M.S., BE
Experience Teaching :26 years
Research : 2 years
Area of Interest  Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Gas Dynamics
Date of joining RVCE  8th October 1991
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Project/Research Guidance:

  1. Guided two research scholars towards successful completion of doctoral degree by Mangalore University and guided several U.G. and P.G. students towards successful completion of their dissertation projects.
  2. Presently guiding 4 PhD students towards their doctoral degree.


International Journal Publications:

  1. Machinability of hiduminum-corundum particulate composites, published by society of manufacturing engineering, Dearborn, USA in SME, 1994 no.EM94-153-1-11.
  2. Mechanical properties of as cast and wrought hiduminum/corundum particulate composites published by Materials, Design Journal, vol.16, No.3, 1995 pp.151-154.
  3. Properties of cast and wrought hiduminum/corundum particulate composites published by Journal of Materials of Science and Technology, vol.11 1995, pp171-175.
  4. Parametric studies of hiduminum/corundum particulate composites, published by 1994 year of SME, Singapore Chapter.
  5. Hardness, wear resistance and fracture toughness of hiduminum/corundum particulate composites published by journal of Material of Science and Technology, vol. 12, 1996, pp.357-360.
  6. Effect of using hiduminum/corundum particulate composites as a substitute material for blade manipulators, published by Key Engineering Materials-MMC/CMC, vol.104-107, 1995, pp.809-816.
  7. Investigation of physical properties of Functionally Graded Materials using centrifugal force, “International journal of Emerging Technologies and Applications in Engineering Technology and Sciences”, Vol.2 (2).  
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  9. Evaluation and processing corrosion properties of Functionally Graded Materials by centrifugal casting method. A new International e-journal named International Journal of Composite Materials and Manufacturing (IJCMM), vol 4, issue 2, 2011 pp 39-44.
  10. Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Hot Upset Forged Sintered Performs to Flat Discs of Three Different powder Metallurgy Cu-Fe Alloys,IJEIT, Vol 2, Issue 10, 2013, pp 43-46.
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  15. Optimization of Thin Film Multilayered Coating for Absorption of Solar Radiation,   
  16. International Journal of ChemTech Research, Vol.7, No.2, 2015, pp1045-1052.

National Journal Publications:

  1. Durability of Zinc / Graphite metal matrix composites, published by NML Technical Journal Vol.38. No.3, July – Sept 1996, pp 127-131.
  2. Machinability of Zinc alloy based particulate metal matrix composites, published by NML Technical Journal Vol.38. No.3, July – Sept 1996, pp 107-111.

Invited Talks:

  1. Delivered a talk on “Invention in Automobile Sector and its Impact on Indian Economy” at the Rustamji Institute of Technology, BSF academy, Tekanpur on 30th March 2007.
  2. Delivered a talk on “Basic Concepts, Development and Application of Metal Foams” at The Institution of Engineers (India), Karnataka State Center Bangalore on 31st March 2010.
  3. Delivered a talk on “Tidal Energy” at AICTE sponsered two weeks staff development programme “Emerging Trends in Energy Sources”, 13th – 24th June 2011 at GCE, Ramangaram.
  4. Delivered a talk at the Two days national conference on “Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering” at Rajarajeswari College of Engineering, Bengaluru 24th – 25th Feb 2012.
  5. Delivered an Expert Lectrure on “Tidal Energy and its applications” in ISTE sponsered teo day workshop on “Renewable Energy and Nanotechnology” at MVJCE, Bengaluru 2nd – 3rd May 2013.
  6. Delivered a talk on “Relevance of Solar Energy in Thermal Engineering” at VTU-VGST sponsered Four Days Faculty development programme 19-22nd August 2013 at GCE, Ramangaram.
  7. Delivered a talk on “Metal Foams Processing” at two day workshop on Advanced Plastic processign Technologies held at Dr.AIT, Bangalore during April 2014.

Outstanding achievements:

  1. Played an important role as the faculty advisor for Project Ashwa in mentoring the team and helping them achieve higher success. Team Ashwa focuses on design and fabrication of formula type racing car and has made Ten successful appearances in SAE international competitions held in Australia (2006), Germany (2007,2008) and Italy (2009,2010,2011,2012,2014 and 2015) The team Ashwa was awarded the prestigious Young Achiever award by the Rotary International and Brigade group in 2007 for the team’s outstanding success in international competitions.
  2. I was instrumental in starting the Project Garuda, RVCE Super Mileage team which has so far built Five prototypes for the SAE super mileage competition and Shell eco-marathon competition. These competitions focus on fuel efficiency of a vehicle and project Garuda has built one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in India. The project Garuda was the first Asian team to participate in an international competition in U.K. (2009) and for the outstanding effort they were awarded the most persevering team award by the jury.
  3. The team Garuda was honored by the Rotary international and Brigade group with Young Achiever award 2008 for their outstanding contribution. Subsequently the team has made //more successful international appearances in competitions held in Malaysia (2010, 2011, 2012) and recently in Philliphines (2015).
  4. Played an important role in formulating team Vyoma of R.V.College of Engineering as their faculty advisor. The Vyoma team focuses on building Unmanned radio controlled Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The team Vyoma happened to be the first Indian and Asian team to participate in an international Aero Design competition conducted by SAE in USA during 2008. The team did exceedingly well and was awarded a certificate of merit.  They made their second appearance in the competition in the USA in 2009 as well and further improved their performance. In their third attempt in 2011 the team Vyoma has done exceedingly well in the competition held at Atlanta (USA).In 2013, the team Vyoma was awarded  the prestigious “NASA system Engineering Award” at the SAE Aero design competition held at Van Nuys, CA, USA. And recently in 2015 the team participated in “Design, Build, Fly”, an International competition conducted by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in USA and did fairly well in the competition.
  5. As the faculty adviser of RVCE Mini Baja team, played a key role in its first ever international competition held in South Africa during 2006. This team focuses on building an all terrain vehicle which can sustain all kinds of road conditions. The team has grown very strong in the recent years and the team reached a pinnacle of success by being national champions at the BAJA student India 2015 held at Jamshedpur.
  6. As a faculty adviser of Jatayu played a key role in their successful participation in the International Competition Australian outback challenge held in September 2009. The team Jatayu focuses on building autonomous aircraft.  The team Jatayu participated in an international compitation held in USA in 2012 and was awarded a cash price US $ 2000 for the outstanding performance.
  7. Played an important role in formulating yet another team RVCE Pushpak. This team built a UAV and participated in the International SAE Aerodesign competition held in Brazil in October 2009.