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Jyothi R

 Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification

Pursuing Ph.D. in VTU

M.Tech.-Power Electronics

Experience Teaching: 10 Years
Area of Interest Power Electronics & Drives
Date of Joining at RVCE 21/07/2014
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Projects Guided:

Number of UG projects Guided: 08


National Conference: 02

International Conference: 05

International Journal: 03

Book Chapter : 02

List of publications:

International Journal:

  1. Jyothi R, Tejas Holla, Uma Rao K, & Jayapal R , "Machine learning based multi class fault diagnosis tool for voltage source inverter driven induction motor." Int J Pow Elec & Dri Syst 12.2 (2021): 1205-1215.(Q2-Scopus Indexed), doi:

  2. Jyothi R, Tejas Holla, Umesh NS, Uma Rao K, & Jayapal R. (2021). Condition Monitoring and Feature Extraction of Stator Current Phasors for Enhanced Fault Diagnosis in AC Drive. International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), 11(1), 174–180.

  3. Jyothi.R, “Comparative Study of Bridgeless Converters For High Power Factor”,  Progress In Science and Engineering Research Journal ISSN 2347-6680, Vol.02, Issue: 03/06 May- June-14.

International Conference:

  1. R. Jyothi, C. S. Arvind, K. Kaushal, G. Girish, R. Saurav and G. Chetankumar, "Edge Computing Based Smart Aquaponics Monitoring System Using Deep Learning in IoT Environment," 2020 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI)-Canberra, Australia, 2020, pp. 1485-1491, doi: 10.1109/SSCI47803.2020.9308395.

  2. R. Jyothi , Shaik Mohammed Zahid , Mohammed Sufyan Zain , Reshma Begum , Syed Afzal , K. Uma Rao, R Jayapal "Automatic Fault Diagnosis System for Voltage Source Inverter Driven Induction Motor," 2019 3rd International Conference on Recent Developments in Control, Automation & Power Engineering (RDCAPE),Amity University, Noida, Delhi 2019, pp. 477-481, doi: 10.1109/RDCAPE47089.2019.8979041.

  3. C. S. Arvind, R. Jyothi, K. Mahalakshmi, C. K. Vaishnavi and U. Apoorva, "Vision Based Driver Assistance for Near Range Obstacle Sensing under Unstructured Traffic Environment," 2019 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI),Xiamen-china, 2019, pp. 1163-1170, doi: 10.1109/SSCI44817.2019.9002910.

  4. R. Jyothi, K. Mahalakshmi, C. K. Vaishnavi, U. Apoorva and S. Nitya, "Driver Assistance for Safe Navigation Under Unstructured Traffic Environment," 2019 Global Conference for Advancement in Technology (GCAT)-bangalore, 2019, pp. 1-5,doi: 10.1109/GCAT47503.2019.8978279.

  5. Jyothi R, Jayapal R, and K Uma Rao, “Severity and Impact of Faults on Current Harmonics in Inverter-Fed AC Drive”,IEEE international conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies-Asia (ISGT-Asia) Melbourne, VIC-Australia, pp 401-405,November 28 - December 1, 2016. doi: 10.1109/ISGT-Asia.2016.7796419

National Conference:

  1. R. Jyothi , Shaik Mohammed Zahid , Mohammed Sufyan Zain , Reshma Begum , Syed Afzal , K. Uma Rao, R Jayapal, “Fault mode and Effect analysis of VSI driven Induction motor” in international conference on Recent Trends in Science and Technology(ICRTST-2020) organised by ATME college of Engineering, Mysuru, pp-45, June 17th -18th 2020.

  2. Jyothi R, “Implementation of High Power Factor Correction for AC/DC System”, NC3E14_136 ,NCEEE, 5th June 2014, of Engineering,Bangalore

Book Chapter

  1. Jyothi, R., Uma Rao K, Sumit gupta., & Jayapal, R. “IoT Application for Real-Time Condition Monitoring of Voltage Source Inverter Driven Induction Motor”. In Innovative Data Communication Technologies and Application , 2021, (pp. 97-105). Springer, Singapore.

  2. Arvind, C. S., K. Prajwal, Amrut C. Patil, A. Ashwin Kumar, A. Sreedevi, and R. Jyothi. "Low-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Real-Time Greenhouse Plant Disease Monitoring Using Convolutional Neural Network." In Soft Computing for Problem Solving, vol. 1393 , pp. 63-76. Springer, Singapore, 2021.


  1. Received Outstanding Paper Award at Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocPros 2020), for the paper titled “Low Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Real Time Green House Plant Disease Monitoring Using Convolutional Neural Network ” .

  2. Have secured third place in Inter College Painting Competition held by St.Joseph’s Pre-University College, Bangalore.