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IDRC - projects conducted and prototypes developed

List of projects conducted/prototypes developed


Solar cell:

  • Design and fabrication of amorphous silicon thin film solar cells.

  • Use of novel metal and oxide nanoparticles for enabling plasmonic amorphous silicon solar cells.


Thin Film Devices

  • Development of diode and Amorphous Silicon TFT

  • Fabrication of ZnO Thin film Transistor

  • Growth and characterization of room /low temperature grown Nanocluster carbon based TFT


Thin film Sensors (Metal oxide based)

  • Development of metal oxide films for gas sensor applications

  • Development of aluminium doped zinc oxide smell sensor thin film.

  • Simulation of SnO2 /WO2 nano films for alcohol detection.


Thin film Sensors: (Polymer based)

  • Design and Development of sensor system for LPG detection using conductive polymers: (polypyrrole/ / Poly-aniline )

  • Fabrication and characterization of Pentacene thin film pressure sensors

  • Characterization of spin coated PVDF thin films for acoustic sensor

  • Development of PVDF based thin film sensor for cardio-respiratory and pressure sensors applications


Thin film Sensors: (Nano carbon based)

  • Study of electronic properties of novel room temperature grown nanocarbon for sensor applications.

  • Grow self aligned nanocarbon using nanopshere lithography for vacuum nanoelectronic sensors.


UG/PG Student Projects:

  • Experimental Studies On PU/ZnO Electrospun Nanofibers

  • Preparation and Characterization of Sb2Se3 for Memory Applications

  • Design and Development of a Piezoelectric artificial basilar membrane for cochlear implants

  • Fabrication of a Sensor to Detect low concentration of methane from the Exhaled breath

  • Fabrication and Characterization of Nano cluster carbon thin film for thin film transistor

  • Synthesis and fabrication of flexible piezo sensor using conductive polymers and graphene

  • Fabrication And Characterization Of Carbon Films For Thin Film Transistors

  • Synthesis and preparation of Graphite conductive inks for printable electronics/sensor applications

  • Development of nano filler filled PVDF composites thin film for piezo applications

  • Titanium-based Micro heaters for Gas Sensors

  • Design of an aptamer based biosensor to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  • Design of Nano-Rods Flexible Thin Film Charge Storage Memory Cell using ZnO

  • Development of Sensor Based Electronic Nose for Effective Detection of Diseases

  • Preparation of devices using bio-nano materials and their application in the health sectors

  • Electrospun Nano-fibers for functional polymers nano composites

  • Synthesis of antimicrobial and hydrophobic chitin doped zinc oxide Nano particles

  • Development of computer Aided software tool for identification of materials using XRD characterization