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IDRC - Fabrication Equipment

Interdisciplinary  Research Center 

PECVD Cluster Tool: CT-100 System

5 Individual Process chambers are connected to  central transfer chamber.

To Grow Dielectrics, Passivation Layers, Doped a-Si Layers, SiO2, Si3N4, DLC, and other films


Solar Metalization Unit: Sputter Coater

Used for Sequential deposition of Metals, Transparent conducting oxides & Dielectrics.

Box Coater: Thermal & E-beam Evaporation

Deposits both metals and oxide materials, including aluminum, chromium , gold, indium, and many others

Deposit metallic contact layers for thin film devices such as OLEDs, solar cells and thin-film transistors.

Cathode Arc Evaporation sytem

To deposit extremely hard films to protect the surface of cutting tools and extended their life significantly.

DUAL COATING SYSTEM: Solar Thermal Absorbers

Custom Designed DC Magnetron Sputtering & PECVD Coating System for Solar thermal receiver tubes


Plasma Deposition system

To grow carbon at low temperatures

Litography Unit

Sonoplotter and Laser Writer

Picoliter fluid dispensing  system  that uses controlled ultrasonics to deposit fluid in a noncontact manner  for the microarray and polymer electronics markets.

Mask less Lithography

Micro Device pattern generation up to 0.9um resolution.


Nano-Fiber Electrospinning Unit

used to make nano and micro fibers ranging from 50nm to 5 microns in diameter

Many kind of polymers like Protein nanofibers, carbon nanotubes, inorganic nanofibers etc.

Spin Coater

Spin Coaters are ideal for depositing photoresists, polymides, metal-organics, dopants, sillica films and most organic and aqueous solutions to planar substrates

Microwave Furnace

Maximum temperature of 1600⁰C for anealing process

Tubular Furnace

Maximum temperature of 1200⁰C for anealing process

Bench Top Sputtering Unit

To deposit Conducting electrodes on substrates