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Chemical Engineering is involved in conversion of less useful raw materials into more useful products by means of unit operations and unit processes. Chemical Engineers work in the areas of process design, equipment design, production, product development, process automation, R&D and marketing and related fields. Recent developments in nanotechnology, pharmatechnology, biotechnology and electronic industry, along with existing areas like petroleum technology, bulk and specialty chemical manufacture, requires strong mathematical background coupled with analytical abilities.

The department was started in the year 1982 to meet requirements of the emerging discipline of Chemical Engineering and those associated with it. The Bachelor of Engineering program in Chemical Engineering is autonomous programme affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi. This program has been accredited twice by the National Board of Accreditation for 5 years in 2003 and in 2008.

The department also offers a post graduate M.Tech Degree programme.

In 2002, the department was recognized as a research center by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, with facility for M.Sc (Engineering) by research and Ph.D.

Chemical, Chemistry, Physics


Imparting quality education that promotes leadership in Research, Innovation and Sustainable Technologies through teamwork and Entrepreneurship in Chemical Processes, Energy, Unit Operations and Computational Chemical Engineering to meet societal requirements.


  1. Impart quality education in basic and applied areas of Chemical Engineering.
  2. Enable students and faculty to achieve proficiency in the areas of Chemical Processes, Energy, Unit Operations and Computational Chemical Engineering using state-of-the-art laboratories and modern infrastructure.
  3. Encourage faculty and students to make career in research and contribute towards innovative processes and products.
  4. Develop inclusive technologies with a focus on new materials and sustainability.
  5. Collaborate with industries and research institutes for academics and research.
  6. Inculcate leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skills, societal and ethical values in students and faculty.

Programs offered (affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University)

U.G. program: Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Chemical Engineering
P.G. program: Master of Technology (M. Tech.) in Chemical Engineering
Research program: Master of Science [M.Sc. (Engg.)] by research
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Research Activities

The department is a recognized Research Centre under VTU, with provision for Ph.D. (Full Time & Part Time) scholars, Integrated Ph.D. and M.Sc. (Engg.). Both PG & UG students are encouraged to take up interdisciplinary research in various domains like nanotechnology, materials, macroelectronics, and biotechnology. The areas of specialization in research are Chemical Processes, Energy, Unit Operations and Computational Chemical Engineering.

Placement and Other Opportunities

Over the last 3 years, 70% of students on average have been placed on campus, with 37.5% (2015 data awaiting update; not included) of these opting for higher studies eventually. Some of the core companies recruiting our students are Reliance, ITC and Hindustan Unilever, with salary packages as much as Rs. 6 lakhs p.a. Our students are exposed to the industry atmosphere as summer interns, and can choose to continue there for final year projects. In addition, CSIR labs and educational institutes such as N.A.L. Bangalore, I.I.P. Dehradun, I.I.Sc. Bangalore and I.I.T. Bombay have trained our students in their facilities. (For details see link.

Interaction with Industry

A philosophy of industrial relevance with appropriate appropriate safety, health and environmental regulations (PEO 4) pervades UG and PG (VTU) curricula as well as final year projects. This is reflected in the active participation of industry members from the Board of Studies of Chemical Engineering in the framing of the UG curriculum. Efforts to strengthen industry ties for mutual benefit are documented here.

Department Activities

The department has an Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) chapter since 2008. Technology fest (REACT) has been organized by this chapter in 2009, in association with the Bangalore Regional Center.

Staff members are also involved in assisting VTU in developing EDUSAT content for online transmission of select courses. Pervasive wired and wi-fi internet access in the department area has been enabled for web-based information.


The department has well qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty. There are 9 faculty members who have completed their Ph.D. The faculty consists of two Professors, three Associate Professors, ten Assistant Professors and one Adjunct Professor from the industry. Details of areas of interest/specialization for advising may be found here.
The faculty is assisted by well trained supporting staff.

Future plan

The department plans to sign MoUs with central govt. and industrial research organizations, with favorable rapport with BHEL, K-PAC, Cipla and AkzoNobel. The department conducted CHEMCON jointly with MSRIT in 2011. We plan to liasion with college stakeholders on personal and professional level. We plan to reach out to polytechnic colleges for raising Chemical Engineering awareness among Diploma students. Networking with alumni in global recognized MNCs (such as Intel) should strengthen this branch of engineering and its practitioners.

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